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November 29, 2012
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2012 Emoticon Advent Calendar Sign-Ups -- CLOSED by Mirz123 2012 Emoticon Advent Calendar Sign-Ups -- CLOSED by Mirz123
UPDATE: The extra "letter" gifts at the bottom are going to be opened on different days than we had originally planned. We are now going to open them on the twelve days of Christmas, December 14th - 25th.

Sign-ups for the Emoticonist Advent Calendar! Please read this article to learn more and find out all the rules

Emoticonist Advent Calendar!:+fav: Be sure to fave this article to keep up to date on this event, as well as get the link to the calendar when it is posted! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :santa: Welcome to the Emoticonist Advent Calendar.  This year the event will be co-hosted by `Krissi001 and `Mirz123 :bulletgreen: What's an advent calendar?  It's a special calendar which marks off the 24 days until Christmas and ends with the big day its on December 25th!  More info here ---> :bulletgreen: What's the Emoticonist Advent Calendar?  It's a special project where emoticonists sign up to create an emoticon picture for each of the days. Depending on how many people sign up, each emoticonist can do one or more entries. The fun of an Advent calendar is that the piece is not shown until the day arrives.  So the piece for December 15th won't be revealed until the 15t

Note that entries should be STATIC (non-moving). If you do animation, note that only 1 frame will be displayed on the calendar, so please submit that.

To sign-up, please comment below with your preferred date and 1 or 2 alternate dates (in case the one you want fills up). Also let us know if you would like more than one spot. We will assign one space per emoticonist, but if we end up not having enough entries, we'll assign 2 to those who want it.

Also, note, if we run out of spots (or someone REALLY wants 2 spots), we have extra boxes on the bottom.

:heart: If you are worried you can't do a whole scene, we are looking for decorations for around the boxes. Stars, ornaments, ribbons. So, feel free to do something like that so you can still be a part of the fun.

Note that when a date is formally taken, the middle will appear in black.

Dates taken:

1 - `Krissi001
2 - *Ravenswd
3 - ~axslayer33
4 - =ARTPOP-13
5 - *kenlybop
6 - ~fire-inferno
7 - `Synfull
8 - *Fuzzy-Artemis
9 - ~MerelyCubed
10 - ~MafiaVamp
11 - =CubicInsanity
12 - =IceXDragon
13 - `Mirz123
14 - *Toxic-Fox-Girl
15 - =SnowSniffer
16 - *spring-sky
17 - =litecrush
18 - =happy-gurl
19 - ~Shadowed-Serenity
20 - `SparklyDest
21 - =Arichy
22 - `catluvr2
23 - *a-kid-at-heart
24 - =BlissfullySarcastic
25 - Collab between `Krissi001 and `Mirz123

A (will be opened on the 24th) - =Sylvaur
B (will be opened on the 20th) - ~RiceballKat
C (will be opened on the 14th) - ~Platyxander
D (will be opened on the 16th) - ~DayatheCat
E (will be opened on the 22nd) - *otohime0394
F (will be opened on the 23rd) - =icefire8521

G (will be opened on the 18th) - ~Chibi-NinjaX3
H (will be opened on the 25th) - ~Bubbles21500
I (will be opened on the 19th) - *TheIrritatingPenguin
J (will be opened on the 17th) - *KetsuekiRyu
K (will be opened on the 15th) - *Kohaku0827
L (will be opened on the 21st) - ~CHLI



Official Project page is here

To get the template for your piece with the appropriate wrapping, visit this page ---> [link]
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Sylvaur Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait a minute, I said I won't participate, why am I on the list? Did I miss or forget something? :confused:
Maybe I forgot to remove you. Sorry.
Whoops. You're right, I didn't see that. Sorry.
Sylvaur Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
T's alright ;)
TheIrritatingPenguin Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love to have a part of this. as usual, I found out about an awesome project to late :(. If I could have G, H or I, I'd be really happy.
You just made it! Box I is free, so I assigned it to you.
TheIrritatingPenguin Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Chibi-NinjaX3 Dec 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Can I have G please?
Yes! We have you down for box G, which will appear on the 18th.
bubbIies Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I do H please? :3
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