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September 15, 2011
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Mirz Script Pixel Font by Mirz123 Mirz Script Pixel Font by Mirz123
When I was deep in my depression last weekend, I didn't want to look or think about emotes. However, I wanted to *do* some kind of art. So, I went to one of my most beloved artforms...pixel fonts.

This is a font I started a few months back, but needed a good block of time to finish. I have always wanted a font based on my handwriting. Problem is, I don't have a fancy program that can do it--or the money to buy one. I also don't have the money to have one of those services make one for me. So, a while back, I got the idea of doing a pixel version of my writing.

This was harder than any font I've ever done, because it had to be precise. I wrote out all of the letters, scanned them, and then resized and hand-pixelled them. That was the easy part. The clean up and kerning took 3 times as long. I would look at the font, see it looked off, hand-write a bunch of words on paper to compare, and then fix the pixels. Tedious! There were a couple of letters I had to modify from my style, simply because the particularities would not work on such a small scale. :( But, this it 98% of what my writing looks like.

Of course, I took the time to make a smaller version which can be used for emotes and stamps.

Honestly, my writing has some weird quirks. Particularly my capital Ms and Ns. I'm really not sure if anyone would want to use this. But, it was something I wanted to do, and I'm happy I did.

Because of the nature of the writing, and cursive fonts in general, some hand-kerning and editing may be needed when using it for a project.

:bulletgreen: To see more of my pixel fonts, check out this folder ---> [link]

This font is free-for-personal-use. You don't have to link back to this page if you use it, but it would be polite if you did. Also, I love to see how people use my resources and I'll add the deviation to my special folder. You may also re-distribute the font as long as you don't make money and all the files and read-me are included.


Important Stuff:

This is a full font set, featuring 2 fonts in the same family. All include basic symbols/punctuation. The zip file includes the fonts, a readme file, plus a copy of the graphic above so you can see the full set. When using a graphics program, this font works best at 6pts (8px).

:aww: This font is free use for personal only. Sorry, but I really don't want my writing used for monetary gain in any manner.

** These fonts are tested by me prior to release. However, if you find a problem when using, please let me know as I'll be happy to fix them and re-release. ***


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LettersFromPrussia17 Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your handwriting's really pretty~ I wish I could write in cursive. D:
Aww, thank you. :heart:
LettersFromPrussia17 Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome! :heart:
Forgotten8912 Sep 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist


I think these are the only two I used this font with :worry:
sonikkuruzu Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It looks like my handwriting! :omg:
Hi, I used it here: [link] Thank you! :)
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