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VP NaNoEmo 2015

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 5:55 AM
I had hoped to get this journal up a few days ago, but my 9-to-5 was being difficult (literally several days where I got home after 10 pm). Nonetheless, it's here! An emoticon community event which focuses on "visual purpose" pieces -- namely emoticons that are meant to be "pictures" and admired simply for their art value. Not "chat-friendly" which are often used to show expression, tone, and emotion in comments and journals.

I always think to write up a new journal for the event, but honestly I simply couldn't do a better job than Synfull did years ago, when the event first launched. So, I will re-post her words. I'm sad to announce that due to other commitments and time limitations, Synfull will not be co-hosting the event this year.


As many of you will know, this group, NaNoEmo hosts a fun emote-a-day style challenge every November to match up with NaNoWriMo in the literature community. Over the last 2 years we have had a fair number of emoticonists taking part and some fantastic emotes appearing all through the designated month.

Whilst this is great for creating smaller or ‘chat friendly’ emotes, it is far harder to work on larger canvases in the given time scale. Although there is nothing stopping artists working emotes every day and  producing a smaller quantity of emotes, the majority of participants opt for the more traditional approach of 30 emotes in 30 days.

We have therefore decided to launch a separate event in the month of June (though we've hosted it in July and August in the past), known as VP NaNoEmo, designed specifically for Visual Purpose (VP) emotes.

The Challenge

The challenge of VP NaNoEmo is to ideally create one emote a week -- or if you can't quite manage that, four emotes by the end of July The emote should be geared towards the Visual Purpose branch of the gallery - emotes which are designed solely to look at and generally feature a larger canvas and background. You can find some great examples in Emoti-Art's news feature:

If you are unable to make one every week, then don’t sweat it. The goal is to make more emotes than you usually would and possibly even try new styles and techniques you have never used before. If you want to take part and only make 2 emotes then that’s better than none. Equally there is no shame in making more than 1 emote a week if you feel up to it!

For those who are new to this branch of the art form, don’t think you have to go big. VP emotes come in all shapes and sizes and can be as small as 50x50 pixels if you wish. Avatars are also valid VP emotes, and a great way to work on a Visual Purpose emote on a smaller scale. The main aim to make emotes designed to look at rather than use in conversation, so don’t think you have to fill a massive canvas straight away.

Taking Part

If you aim to take part in VP NaNoEmo then join the group and leave a comment on the journal below. We’ll add you to the list of participants so others can check your emote(s) each week. It may be useful to make a separate gallery folder to help people keep track of your entries. If you have one, post that below too and we will place it next to your name.

Once you have finished your emote(s) each week, upload them to the 'featured' folder at NaNoEmo so other group members to check them out. At the end of the month we will also create a news article to show off a range of the brilliant pieces made.

You don’t have to take part in the entire month. So if for any reason you want to sign up part way through July or need to drop out, then that is ok. We will edit the list throughout the month to help keep it as up to date as possible.

Emotes made for VP NaNoEmo can also be entered into other contests such as TheEMTC, ee-motes or EmoticonOpus giving you exciting themes to base your entries on. VP NaNoEmo simply aims to get people making VP emotes in the month of July, so we have no issue with these doubling up as contest entries elsewhere.

Tutorials + Resources

For those that may not have much experience with Visual Purpose Emotes, Emotication has a handy list of tutorials and resources which may assist making your art pieces.




It would be brilliant if you could help spread the word about this new event. We would love to see members throughout the community (and even beyond) taking part, so please help promote it through journals, polls, Twitter or simply show it to your friends.

Hope to see some wonderful emotes come through the gallery this year. I will personally be participating and hope it inspires me to emote beyond that. :)


:bulletblue: Mirz123 - Folder:…
:bulletblue: Krissi001 - Folder:…

Crazier Days

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2015, 12:33 PM
A quick note to tell everyone I'm still alive. I'll be replying to more messages this evening, as well as posting the VP-NaNoEmo journal. Life has just been too busy, but I'm trying to keep it going. ;)

See you soon!

Crazy Days

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 6:19 AM
If you watch my mirz-alt account (which you should, y'know), you would know that I've been crazy busy, as usual. A few weeks ago, I dealt with a bout of pneumonia. After that, we decided to do late Spring cleaning and spent 2 full weeks de-cluttering. Needless to say, I've not had a whole lot of time to pixel. But, now that my time is easing up, I am picking up my mouse again.

The real reason I am writing is that I wanted to let all of my emoticon comrades know that I still plan to host VP-NaNoEmo. Two years ago, we ran it in June, last year in August, so I figure July gets it this time around. So, watch this space for an announcement soon about the event.

Oh, and if you don't know what it is, you can check out last year's article...

Better Late than NaNano - VPNaNoEmoThe fun begins August 1st!!
Last year we ran a special NaNoEmo in June.  It was solely for Visual Purpose Emoticons. What does that mean? It means emoticons that are created to look at, not for use in chats or comments. Basically, pretty emoticon pictures. However, visual emotes can also include useful things like icons, stamps, etc. The key is that care is taken to create an emoticon "scene", usually with a detailed background.
I am gonna defer to the journal written last year by Synfull. It outlines what the challenge is about and how to participate. The good thing about VP NaNoEmo is that the goal is not one-a-day, but one-a-week, and smaller emote scenes (like avatars) count. So, get boned up, and if you're ready to participate, sign up.
Note that I know we're 2 months late, and notice of this is really last minute. My apologies. However, NaNo has always been a big motivator in the emoticon community and I hope it inspires a few old-timers, and newcomers, t

In other news, I am planning a long overdue watcher's feature, as well as another Artists of Relativity. Also, over the last few weeks, I've managed to whittle my comments from over 1000 to around 300. I plan to reply to the rest this weekend. I very much appreciate all of your patience. :love:

My subscription is running out soon, and I just wasn't sure if I was going to renew it. I'm not leaving DA, but I feel kinda useless here these days.


I got an unexpected surprise today -- a lovely note saying that anne1956 had gifted me a 12-month subscription. Seriously, you have no idea how happy this made me. I love random acts of kindness, and it's such a wondering (and humbling) feeling to be on the receiving end of one

Thank you, Anne, for thinking of me and your generosity. It really brightened my day.

Below are some lovely works by anne1956. Be sure to check out her gallery and give her lots of fave/watch love. :love:

Hausy by anne1956 Message In A Bottle by anne1956

MyMansion by anne1956 Ducks In Spring by anne1956

Winter by anne1956 A New Beginning by anne1956

Biker by anne1956 Sunset And Couple by anne1956

Serene Scene by anne1956 Drinking Deer by anne1956

We know we aren't allowed to be here, but it's ... by anne1956


Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2015, 12:35 PM
Because someone asked and I can't find my old journal with this information:

DeviantArt New Social Smiley by mirzjiles Deviantart - Mirz123, mirz-alt, mirzjiles

Wordpress Social Smiley by mirzjiles Wordpress/Website -

Facebook Social Smiley by mirzjiles Facebook -  Mirz333

Pinterest Social Smiley by mirzjiles Pinterest - Mirz123

Tumblr Social Smiley by mirzjiles Tumblr - Mirz123

Twitter Social Smiley by mirzjiles Twitter - Mirz333

You Tube Social Smiley by mirzjiles Youtube - SaraWlff

Email Personal Smiley by mirzjiles Email - Mirz123[at]


Journal Entry: Sun May 10, 2015, 6:02 AM
Re-opened my page. It's very minimal ATM as I'm not sure if I'm going to renew my sub when it runs out, so I didn't want to set up a bunch of custom boxes to have them disappear.

Even though I'm feeling better, I still plan to be more quiet and isolated. I really feel like as "has-been" on DA as of late. Though I still spend a good deal of time here, I just don't have enough time or energy to be a community leader. Sadly, in the world of the interwebs, your worth is judged on what you do now, not on what you've done in the past. That said, I do plan to continue creating art. I enjoy featuring art and deviants and plan to start them more regularly, and continue a few I already do. But they will be smaller, more private efforts.

On a brighter note, I made a small dent in my to-do list, which made me super-happy. The list is still pretty long and intimidating, but I plan to hack at it until its done. Some pieces will be posted here and some on my mirz-alt, depending on what the item is. I do have a list of most of my old obligations, but if there is something I owe anyone, please post a comment and I'll make sure to add it to the list (if it isn't already there).

Sad Days...

Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2015, 5:59 AM
(cross-posted with my mirz-alt)

Jim and I have spent the last 4 days cleaning out his father's house (he passed away in November). It's brought forward a flood of emotions about his passing, as well as my mother's death. Been a very hard few days, and we will continue our work today, so not a lot of fun to look forward to. Anyhow, thank you to everyone for the kind words and birthday-wishes. I've been slowly replying to my backlog of messages (and getting through them!), and will continue to do so. Comments really brighten my day, so I appreciate it.


Artists of Relativity - Vol. 21

Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 4:56 AM
Welcome to Gale City

A monthly series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means.

This issue: :iconcaptain-savvy:


:bulletblack: Relativity Art

Coffee Shop Commission by Captain-Savvy

Halloween Relativity Crew by Captain-Savvy

Contest Entry- The Trolls Turned to Stone by Captain-Savvy

Sparkz Cupcake by Captain-Savvy Ensnared by Captain-Savvy Chibi Lily by Captain-Savvy Jewel Thief by Captain-Savvy Resin Cupcake by Captain-Savvy

Cheese Maidens vs Alien by Captain-Savvy Sibling Photo by Captain-Savvy Sara Teaser by Captain-Savvy

:bulletblack: Other Art by phil-cho

Stitch Witch Chibi by Captain-Savvy

The Witch's Blade by Captain-Savvy

Winter Love by Captain-Savvy

Annabelle sketcerhy by Captain-Savvy Abby sketch by Captain-Savvy In the Park by Captain-Savvy Elinmeril by Captain-Savvy Peaceful Sunset by Captain-Savvy

Welcome to the InnWelcome, traveler, to The Dragon’s Barrel. You have come far upon the winding roads, have you not? Drawn by the light of our lantern burning in the night, you say? Yes, we leave it as a beacon for folk like yourself. Enter and sit yourself down, my friend. Rest your weary bones, have a drink of our fine Summer Ale (Cold as a mountain stream and just as smooth). Relax and hear the tales of other wanderers who have come from many different paths. Our tavern is here at the great crossroads, far from any town or village. The dust of all lands has found its way to our floors upon the boots of our guests. There is no knowing what you may see or hear within these walls… but do listen. Listen and let your mind wander to far off peaks of snow and ice, and to vast deserts full of peril, and even down to the endless sea.  And share your own tale, if you wish. You may find your story turned in a direction altogether unexpected, or joining up with the ever unfolding tale of anothe 2015 ID by Captain-Savvy Midnight Visitor- giftIt was a calm night at sea for the notorious pirate ship, The Mystic's Dream. In fact, it was too calm. There was no wind, save for the faintest breeze, and the waters were utterly still. Overhead the night sky was ablaze with a thousand stars, but their twinkling faces could see no reflection in the deep blue below- a fog curled over the waters, creeping about the ship's hull like ghostly arms. The ship, normally quick and mighty, floated aimlessly in the mist.
All were asleep onboard, save the night watchman who stood up in the crow's nest keeping a sharp eye out for trouble. Of course, the only trouble he could see was fairly obvious- doldrums. They had been at sea for many long weeks now, and every man (and woman) began to weary of the doldrums. They had hardly moved at all over the last two days, and the voyage was becoming altogether tiring. When, the men wondered, would they reach their destination? Had their ship been cursed to be stuck at sea with no wind forever? What was the

Captain-Savvy offer commissions. See this page for details.

:iconsuperthanksplz: to all of the wonderful artists who have worked on the series and fans who support it. We appreciate you all!

:iconrelativitycomic: To see more art or check out the series, be sure to visit the group.

:bulletblack: To see past articles, check out this folder. :bulletblack:

Kiriban? - Caught

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 6:05 AM
Of course, I was online for a long time and the count was so slow. I go away and come back and the kiri is over.

Anyhow, congrats to the-horse-lover for catching my 600,000. It's a pretty cool number.

I plan to hold a second-chance raffle in the next day or so. Stay tuned for a chance to win. :heart:


I am still pretty depressed, but trying to keep going. I do feel good that I've been working on my replies to messages. I'm down to about 400 when I had well over 1200 (spanning over 6 months). Hope to have it caught up, soon. Also, I have a couple of small "sign" emotes I hope to post soon for you all to use.

Anyhow, I just saw I'm about 300 pageviews away from 600,000. I don't normally run kiribans anymore, but I thought maybe I would this time. The first person to get a screenshot of the 600,000 and to post it in the comments here will get a chibi cupcake from captainsavvy (I have a few on order from her for just this type of thing).

Good luck, and again I thank you all for your support. I certainly didn't plan to be where I am in life, and to have become such a cruddy community member, but things happen. I appreciate you all sticking by me.


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 12:33 PM

I'm so out of touch, I just now realized I have a Spartan llama. And apparently I got it back in July 2014. :paranoid:

And I'm gonna feature this picture here because I totally fell in love with it and it made me smile, which is something I really need these days. So, go give it comment/fave love.

carmian as a time lord by BlueBitArt

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie


Thu Apr 16, 2015, 6:33 AM
Since I get at least 1-2 queries a month from people asking if and when my webcomic will be re-starting (which is pretty amazing since it really hasn't updated regularly for nearly 3 years), I figure it would only be fair to let everyone know that it has.

Bitmap World is now updating. There is a new comic up, and one ready for this weekend. We hope to keep a 2-a-week schedule, but promise to post at least 1 new strip a week.  

I have to admit, I am floored at the support this little emoticomic has received over the years, and continues to receive. I've had people tell me it's the funniest webcomic out there, and how much they appreciate its family-friendly nature. In the grand scheme of things, next to so many amazing hand-drawn comics, I know it's a speck of dirt. But it's always been special to me and I'm glad to take it up again.

Click the thumb below to go to the newly redesigned site and the new comic.


Fri Mar 27, 2015, 2:15 PM
I have begun answering my backlog of messages. For real this time. So, be warned, you may get a reply for a message back in....July. :paranoid:

Not doing well right now. Very depressed. Just hope catching up on this stuff will help a little.


Skin made by cupcakekitten20


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 7:16 PM

A very quick note to (once again) thank everyone for your well-wishes. After 2 weeks of feeling like I was on death's door, I'm on the upswing now. Still have a naggy cough and trouble sleeping, but it's SO much better than before. Anyhow, again I feel terrible that I haven't had time to reply to messages. I read them all and love them, and I still plan to reply to everyone. I think this is the all-time high in my in-box -- 800+. Well, I've slogged through and answered a bunch before, I'll do it again.

My hope is this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I wanted to feature the cupcakes that were won in my Valentine's drawing. Captain-Savvy did such a great job on them. They are SOOO cute. Oh, and remember, if you want one for yourself, she's open for commissions and they are super affordable.

JaxAugust Cupcake by Captain-Savvy LYP cupcake by Captain-Savvy SparklyDeath cupcake by Captain-Savvy

Oh, and I say it so often, but it's because I mean it. Thank you EVERYONE for your continued support. I have been the worst deviant; I really appreciate you all sticking by me.


Oh, and I prettied my page up for St. Patty's Day.

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie

Thank You and Flu Feature

Fri Feb 20, 2015, 1:31 AM
A very quick note to thank everyone who sent me Valentine's. Though I mentioned I wasn't really in the spirit of the holiday, a few of your sent one on to brighten my day. I do love you for it.

:iconblissfullysarcastic: - :iconthorns: - :iconwdwparksgal: - :iconmoulinrougegirl77: - :iconastrikos: - :iconminato-kushina:

I have been hit by the flu, and it looks like it's not going away on its own. So I'll be trying to get into the doctor in the next few days and see if I can get some meds. It's terribly cold in these parts. -2 degrees yesterday. Blarg.

Anyhow, I have earmarked tomorrow as the day I tackle my inbox. And it's a scary proposition. I have over 800 comments and replies. So, if you were waiting for me to get back to, it should be soon. I hope to clear it out, or make a significant dent. And I may even upload a stamp or two. ;)

In the meantime, as I sit up at 3 a.m. because I can't sleep because of my cough, I thought a sickies/flu feature would be appropriate.

Sick by AlliePieGal  COUGH by CloudshadeZer0

The Flu Virus by KellerAC Last medicine on earth. by pogii28

at the hospital by LaMerry Hot tea by creatorinflames

Cat and Flu by loish Dr. Mario by MariobrosYaoiFan12

Rarity's Sneeze by ProPonyPal  fever by Bisparulz

Massive Sneeze Emote Entry by LollipopGoddess ;Chicken Noodle Soup by Poynter-Jones

Valentine's Raffle - Winners!

Fri Feb 13, 2015, 5:12 AM
I'm still sick with the flu (boo, I can't seem to catch a break these days). But, it did give me a smile to pull the numbers for the raffle.

A very odd thing about the numbers is that I ran both lotteries before posting, and 2 of the same numbers came up on each poll--though the winners were different. Silly odds. Anyhow, the winners are...

Number 1 - :iconlauraypablo: lauraypablo
Number 7 - :iconsparklydest: SparklyDest
Number 10 - :iconjaxaugust: JaxAugust

Congratulations! Captain-Savvy should be contacting you soon to get the information for your prize.

Thank you to everyone who played!


I'm in a pretty deep funk, so I apologize for my continued (mostly) radio silence with respect to comments and replies. I still promise to reply to everything eventually.

In the meantime, I don't want my sadness to get anyone down. So I'm holding a Valentine's day art raffle. I am raffling off 3 cutie cupcakes which were commissioned from Captain-Savvy. They are super adorable, and she will create one based on your OC, a real life person, or a character you love from a fandom.

Here are some examples of her sweet art:

Lerin Cupcake by Captain-Savvy Zephyra Cupcake by Captain-Savvy Mael as a Cupcake by Captain-Savvy

To participate, simply post a comment below and tell me your favorite sweet treat. I'll give everyone a number and pull 3 winners on Sunday, February 15th.

Note that I am running another raffles for 3 more cupcakes on my mirz-alt account. You're free to join in there, to up your odds. But you can only win once.

ALSO: If you advertise this raffle, and post me a link, you'll get 2 numbers in the raffle. Help spread the love.

On a side note, I really am blue now, so forgive me if I don't send DA Valentine's this year. My heart isn't really in it. I do hope this little raffle makes up for it. :heart:</b>

Artists of Relativity - Vol. 20

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2015, 2:52 PM
Welcome to Gale City

A monthly series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means.

This issue: :iconphil-cho:


:bulletblack: Relativity Art

Rune Commission by phil-cho

Mardi Gras Commission by phil-cho

Dark Flame Commission by phil-cho

Prism by phil-cho   August Moon Commission by phil-cho   Yule Commission by phil-cho   Mason Quinn Commission by phil-cho   Aaron Commission by phil-cho

Dieselpunk Black Torrent Commission by phil-cho   Misty Liberty head bust commission by phil-cho   Madam Night Commission by phil-cho

:bulletblack: Other Art by phil-cho

Beasts Of The East by phil-cho

SINBAD and His Crew by phil-cho

Rogue's Gallery by phil-cho

Ronin Head bust commission by phil-cho   Adonis Stained Glass by phil-cho   Batman Legacy by phil-cho   Mithras Stained Glass by phil-cho   Animal Boy head bust commission by phil-cho

The Adversary commission by phil-cho   Nightshade commission by phil-cho   Wraith commission by phil-cho

phil-cho offer commissions. See this journal for details.

:iconsuperthanksplz: to all of the wonderful artists who have worked on the series and fans who support it. We appreciate you all!

:iconrelativitycomic: To see more art or check out the series, be sure to visit the group.

:bulletblack: To see past articles, check out this folder. :bulletblack:

Where to Find Me

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2015, 7:21 PM
Pixel Mom

CSS Skin

Since DeviantArt is not the only place to find me, and in case you ever need to contact me via email or one of my other social networks, here is the skinny...

Wordpress Social Smiley by mirzjiles
Email Personal Smiley by mirzjiles Email here
Pinterest Social Smiley by mirzjiles Pinterest

Note that I hope to add a dedicated gallery to my WP site soon featuring my pixels. :eyes:

"Who came up with this 'saving the world' thing anyway?"

Loss and Remembrance

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 24, 2015, 6:16 AM
Today is the 1st anniversary of my mother's death. As I struggle with a flood of different emotions, I turned to the one thing I often do, to help sort through my feelings... Art. Looking at different pieces showing the various aspects of loss and remembrance was comforting. I thought it would be nice to do a feature with that theme, as death and loss is not covered very often, yet it is such a big part of our lives.

When choosing the pieces for this feature, I searched on things like heaven, memories, tears, mourning. I tried to pick pieces that were not overly disturbing or dramatic. However, note that if you are currently struggling with a recent loss and grief, they still may be difficult to look at.

This feature was created with love. My intention was to cover the aspects of loss for different cultures and beliefs. It was not meant to advocate any one-view. With that in mind, please keep all comments respectful.

Seaside sky by Kami-sama96 Gramma by SublimeBudd The Tears I So Silently Cry... by MrAngryDog
Mobile in Heaven by Mr-Ripley  The Weepers by JoeCooLPoserCS Tears for a Lost Love by Pennes-from-Heaven
Angel by olivestar Memories by alina0 Wall of Poppies by Tora-Howes
spirits by Blaumohn Spirit by Sydnyk Tyne Cot Cemetery by Emz-Photography
flowers for a cousin's grave by laikuma albums by embracelife Heaven by pokepetter
Bunny Heaven by angrymikko Infinite Vigil by WidowsWeeds the funeral by dancingwithrobots
The Funeral by Dewilish in the mourning by agusmp The Mourning by jjpeabody
polaroids. by worldmapps the way to heaven by wolf-minori candles by stealing-beauty

Journal skin by Ravenswd

Onions (yes, onions) Feature.

Mon Jan 19, 2015, 10:29 AM
So, this morning, my son was playing a Sesame Street game on the computer where he has to help Elmo make guacamole (go figure), and one of the things he has to do is pick onions. Hugo is 2 years old and now starting to really talk, but he still does a good bit of baby babble. Anyhow, he says as clear as a bell, "onion!" Of course, I praised him, so he went around saying "onion, onion." Since I wanted to post something new in my journal, I decided to feature this wonderful vegetable. (And, OMG, now I want onion rings!)

Apple Onion by SpicyHamster Onion Rings by lilkoda16 Of Grapes and Onions by Aqua-Blade The Sad Onion by lord-phillock the Brown Onion Brownies came to visit again... by thePicSees Purple Onion by Shadow-Dragon91 Cute Onion by Spangemberg the onion knight by Samholy Onion and Garlic by April-A Sad Onion Girl Commission by YamPuff Spider Onion by TigerBlack62 Dove and an Onion by AskPrincessOnion The Onion by raun Onion Fairy by SoulKillur

Artists of Relativity - 2014 Recap

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2015, 6:22 AM
Welcome to Gale City

Artists of Relativity is a monthly series which features artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. Since December is the time for reflection on the past year and art recaps, we decided to do a retrospective on the artists featured over the past your in the AoR series. Ravenswd and I both chose our all-time favorite pieces from each artist. Note, my "fave" is listed first, and :ravenswd:'s second, plus we give a bit of commentary about them.

Note, each one of these artists was featured as the AoR "Artist of the Month" between January and November 2014.

:bulletblack: :iconliberlibelula: LiberLibelula

Tony by Liberlibelula by mirzjiles Commission - No hugs for you by LiberLibelula

Mirz123 - A picture of Tony a bit later in the story, I adore his expression. It's so sorrowful, and very fitting of later times in the series. One of my favorite pieces of this character.

Ravenswd - I just love the expressions everyone has. Especially Greg. You can see how uncomfortable he is. It's so easy to relate to him; we've all be in a similar situation.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Commission - Like one of your Azerothian girls by LiberLibelula Commission - Lust for power by LiberLibelula THIS is Daario Naharis by LiberLibelula Commission - The Lion's Mane (Day) by LiberLibelula

:bulletblack: :iconaimee5: aimee5

Mirz123's Michael Bruce by aimee5 mirz-alt's Melody Krol by aimee5

Mirz123 - I adore Aimee's comic, but forced myself to pick an individual art piece. With that in mind, I chose one of the first pieces we received from the artist. I feel this piece nails Michael's demeanor. You can tell so much by his body language. Stylized and perfect.

Ravenswd - Even though it's a fantasy pose (though if anyone could pull this off, Melody could), it perfectly fits her and says everything you need to know about her personality. And, it's just a fun picture.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Templar hq - evening by aimee5 The Unseen by aimee5 FRIM - Forest Reserve2 by aimee5 Jael: Expressions by aimee5

:bulletblack: :iconcolormymemory: ColorMyMemory

Bust Commission: Mirz-Alt (The Clock) by ColorMyMemory Bust Commission: Mirz-alt (No-One Girl) by ColorMyMemory

Mirz123 - Though this is a character from the Relativity RP universe, I think the artist did an amazing job at accurately capturing the look and personality of The Clock. Very nice work.

Ravenswd - I love the expression on the character. She looks so lost and a bit helpless, which is quite on-par for her. She is also quite pretty. The artist did a great job on her.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Starlight Starbright by ColorMyMemory Commission Tytoon101 (Skip) by ColorMyMemory Space Cat Nap by ColorMyMemory Cute Captain Swan by ColorMyMemory

:bulletblack: :icongnewi: Gnewi

Contest Prize - Ravenswood by Gnewi Commission: Ravenswood by Gnewi

Mirz123 - I totally wanted to pick this piece, but in the end when I had to narrow it to one, I went with this one. It's so rare when an art piece matches your mental image exactly, and this one does that. This is how I see Ravenswood; I never get tired of looking it. Amazing job.

Ravenswd - There is so much to love about this. The background, the posing, the general feel. The expression tells you so much -- you can truly sense Ravenswood's worry. And when you catch a glimpse of that stake peeking out, you know something is seriously up.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Winter Contest Entry :) by Gnewi I'll Protect You by Gnewi Happy Birthday, Adeline!! by Gnewi Lomaedia by Gnewi

:bulletblack: :icondestinyfall: Destinyfall

Gift commisn of the yummy kind XD by Destinyfall Ravenwood Cafe Commission by Destinyfall

Mirz123 - A scene from cross-over piece, I love the posing of the characters and the expressions. You can tell exactly what's going on without another word. Great atmosphere and lighting.

Ravenswd - Such a fun piece. The artist manages to capture so much in this piece. Even though it's a sketch, there's a ton of detail, and the expression on the characters is priceless.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Mael special print NECKLACE by Destinyfall Mael Wishes you to follow by Destinyfall Shark attack_Commission by Destinyfall Agid and Peggy Commission by Destinyfall

:bulletblack: :iconjen-and-kris: jen-and-kris

Victorian Dark Flame by mirzjiles Desperate Times by Jen-and-Kris by mirzjiles

Mirz123 - It is SOO hard to pick just one piece. I love so many -- my favorite changes. At the moment, I adore this Victorian version of Dark Flame. The dynamic pose and the coloring is gorgeous, and the artists' take on the costume is inspired.

Ravenswd - This piece never ceases to amaze me. The artists manage to capture the true evil nature of this character in the most subtle of ways. That smug smile, and Sara's defeated expression. Just a great piece.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Batman and Superman by jen-and-kris Point Commission: Battle by jen-and-kris Night wind by jen-and-kris Sengoku by jen-and-kris

:bulletblack: :iconekkimu: ekkimu

Cutie Dark Flame by mirzjiles The Villains by ekkimu

Mirz123 - Celeste does so much amazing art and I love it all. This is my favorite, though, as it was a special gift and it's so darned cute. This is my favorite chibi of Dark Flame, ever. Adorable!

Ravenswd - The villains of the series are so important. This is one of the best shots of many of them. I think Rune looks amazing, and the rest of the rogues are sufficiently bad-ass. It's a great piece that gives you a good look at some of our most famous protagonists.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Mantenna by ekkimu my own freddy krueger glove  2 by ekkimu Nami League of legends by ekkimu Angela by ekkimu

:bulletblack: :iconvelnna: Velnna

Naptime by mirzjiles Cricket - Teaser (Episode 4) by mirzjiles

Mirz123 - Part of a larger "couple sheet", this pose is my favorite, and my favorite piece from this artist. I adore how it shows the deep intimacy between these characters in a gentle manner. Plus, that wisp of hair on Sara's face is perfect -- it almost resembles a mask, which is awesome.

Ravenswd - How do you convey 2 heroes running away from bees in a realistic manner? This piece manages to do that. I love the dynamic poses and the expressions are perfect. I particularly love that Torrent is trying to look back. It gives a real-feel to the picture.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Merry Christmas :D by Velnna Switcharound meme by onone-chan Gareth and Jesidere by Velnna by Gnewi Keita by Velnna by PendragonMagicFairy

:bulletblack: :iconmaryneim: Maryneim

The Relativity II by Maryneim The Relativity by Maryneim

Mirz123 - So many "alternate universe" pieces in this feature. I adore this non-canon piece which shows Resin and Dark Flame. The tranformation of the stock piece is amazing. The work on the textures is top-notch. I adore the passion you can feel between these two.

Ravenswd - I'll admit, I am a bit biased to this couple. It's great how the artist managed to use different stock and create a piece that is very close to how the characters look. The pose is intimate, but still gives that hero vibe. Nice work.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Catwoman Anne Hathaway from Batman by Maryneim Alice in Wonderland Black by Maryneim Firestar from Marvel by Maryneim Little Mermaid Ariel by Maryneim

:bulletblack: :iconirenhorrors: IrenHorrors

Sara by IrenHorrors Dark Flame and OverCast by IrenHorrors

Mirz123 - Vampire Sara is from the Relativity role-play. Even though she's not canon, I still have such a soft spot for her. This piece is simply beautiful. The dress and overall design is gorgeous. It's also special as it was a little gift to me from the artists.

Ravenswd -I love to see the heroes in different styles and genres. I like how the artist managed to give the heroes a gothic look, while still keeping their costumes true to their original designs. A nice work.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Victor The Vampire by IrenHorrors Your Prince Did't Come by IrenHorrors Beetlejuice and Lydia by IrenHorrors Sweeney Todd by IrenHorrors

:bulletblack: :iconsarasaeed95: SaraSaeed95

Commission: Isabelle by SaraSaeed95Commission: Viro by SaraSaeed95

Mirz123 - It was very difficult to pick a favorite piece, as I love so many of the artist's works. In the end, this one of Isabelle won out. It manages to show the beauty of the character is a subtle manner. The camera, the pose, everything about this picture is great. This is my favorite of the artist's works, and favorite of this OC.

Ravenswd - This is a great picture of Viro. The character is a bit of a mystery and the artist captured that well. The pose and the lighting are perfect. The mask and cape are well done. A perfect piece.

:bulletwhite: Other Art:

Dance with me by SaraSaeed95 Commission: Rory by SaraSaeed95 Commission: Jurre by SaraSaeed95 Commission: Loonia by SaraSaeed95

Please remember that most of these artists are currently open for commissions. Keep them in mind when considering your next art purchase.

:iconsuperthanksplz: to all of the wonderful artists who have worked on the series and fans who support it. Thank you for making 2013 a great year. We appreciate you all!

:iconrelativitycomic: To see more art or check out the series, be sure to visit the group.

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