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Fri Jul 22, 2016, 7:21 AM
Life is settling--again. I'm going to be playing DA catch-up this weekend, so be aware that reply spam may be coming your way. Noes!

Also will reopen my profile. Check back soon.

Strange Times

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 3, 2016, 2:33 PM
My life has hit yet another patch of bumps and curves. I had hoped to do the VP NaNoEmo, but that didn't work out. Anyhow, my apologies. I keep hopeful I'll be back here more often soon, but life just doesn't want to seem to cooperate. Miss you all much. :kiss:

Birthday Thanks-Yous

Journal Entry: Fri May 6, 2016, 8:03 AM
*** Cross-posted with my mirz333 account ***

I want to thank everyone for your birthday wishes. I have replied to some messages, but will get to everyone this weekend. Things are easing up and I'm getting back on schedule, so I truly hope to get caught up on DA again soon. Including updating my profile picture and getting rid of the Easter theme. :O

My birthday was so-so. Honestly, it shows why I don't like to celebrate my birthday. Things always go wrong and I ended up disappointed. And in this case, with a massive migraine. That said, I survived and hope for the best for the upcoming year.

I am very thankful to have received a few lovely gifts. Thank you to my dear friends jen-and-kris, Captain-Savvy, DerletzteSieger and nightshade-keyblade for thinking of me. I love the arts and very much appreciate the thought.

Imps Eli and Ellie by jen-and-kris Black Torrent Swashbuckle by Captain-Savvy

Angry Vincent by SanguisEclipse :iconnbsp: Delilah Quord by DerletzteSieger

The following is in reference to a new video I posted on my mirz333 account -- you can find info here ---> Legacy

On a side note, I would like to pimp out something. SuiteTracks is the production team who composed the new Relativity theme. They are a small company trying to make it (just like all of us). They are offering the Legacy Theme for download for $1.99. If you like the music and want to support a couple of fantastic indie artists, it would be great if you can pick it up. It will also be available on iTunes in the next few days.

Also, I never ask for pimping, but if you could spread the word about the Youtube video and song (here on DA or other social media), I would really appreciate it. So much work went into it, and it really hasn't gotten the looks I hoped. Mostly, I'd like the artists to get more exposures. Of course, if it leads to a few looks at Relativity, that would be cool, too.  Thank you. :heart:

Promised a new Relativity side-story today. Will be close, but I'm hoping to upload before midnight. If not, first thing tomorrow. Excited about this one as the action moves to Acropolis.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Update and SORRY

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 12, 2016, 4:56 AM
Thought it was time I switched out the Christmas theme on my profile for something more Easter/Spring-ish. Though it's still on the chilly side in these parts, the weather is slowly getting warmer. I'm very much looking forward to longer days and pleasant temperatures, even if it's at the expense of an hour's sleep this weekend.

Before I go any further, I wanted to mention something which I posted in my Status box...

OMG...I'm Sorry!

I am usually adamant about replying to all comments. Even if they are very old (yes, I've been known to reply to comments 9 months later :nuu:). Unfortunately, something happened and all the messages prior to February disappeared. And there were a lot of them. :stare: This is really upsetting, but there is no way to get them back. So, I am issuing a huge apology to everyone. If I didn't reply to a general comment on my art, let me extend a huge "THANK YOU" for taking an interest in my work and taking the time to comment. If you told me a story or commented in length on an issue, if I see it in the future, I'll reply. Otherwise, feel free to re-post it to me in my journal or on my profile page. If there was some kind of question or comments you needed answered, drop me a Note. That said, I am going to make a huge effort to keep up to date on this going forward. *sigh*

As for activity on this account. I haven't been very active here, but I have been pixelling like a madwoman over the last month or so. Due to the popularity of my pixel floorplans on my mirz333 account, my husband (Ravenswd) and I spent a month creating a pixel floorplan maker. Literally, you can build a room using thousands (yes, thousands) of my hand-pixelled piece. And they will looking something like this, but only better because I improved the graphics dramatically since I made the example.

Bruce Penthouse Floorplan - Lower Level (Final) by mirz333

If you'd like to make your own, or just check it out, you can visit the maker page HERE.

Aside from that, I am just managing to get thing settled with a few life issues and hope to submit a few emotes and stamps soon.

How is everyone else? Let me know how you are doing. I've missed you. :love:

Top-10 Arts of 2015

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 26, 2015, 1:36 PM
This is something I do every year, look back on my gallery and pick my top-10 favorite deviations. This year I suffered with terrible depression throughout most of the year. While I mentioned it here and there, only a few of my friends knew the true extent and severity of it. And, as much as I'd like to say otherwise, I'm still not all-together over it. That said, looking back at how little art I created in 2015 doesn't entirely surprise me. Though, on the flip side, the fact I was able to create so much art despite being in such a dark place most of the time is encouraging. It really does show the importance of art and how it touches your spirit. Anyhow, despite making so little, I'm happy I managed quite a few pieces I'm really proud of. So, without further ado, my top-10 picks for 2015...

10 - Pixel Hearts Font Set by Mirz123

Seems like I've managed only one font a year for the past few years. Sadly, the main reason for this is that my font program, which I heavily depended on, stopped working on Window 7. And, after a hard-drive crash, I couldn't even re-install it on an XP machine (the company went out of business and I couldn't obtain an install key from their site). Nevertheless, I'm glad that I managed to finish this Valentine font which I've had in my WIP folder for a few years now.

9 - Knock on Wood by Mirz123

I am a super big fan of minimal animation emotes. While big animations are certainly cool, I think that simple emotes can be some of the most fun and useful ones. This one isn't all the spectacular, but I think it looks neat and is fun.

8 - 2015 NaNoEmo - #19 Cutie Laugh by Mirz123

Another simple animation, but I love it to pieces. It's simple, cute, and useful. What a good chat-emote should be. I think it's one of my all-time favorites of my "cutie emote" series.

7 -  2015 NaNoEmo - #12 Turkey La by Mirz123

I was so happy how this turkey la turned out. I have a particular love my turkey emote design, and I was happy that I was able to use it to create a good "la" design. I was also pleasantly surprised that DA used it in their official "Happy Thanksgiving" message to the site, bringing in a flood of comments, favs, and new watchers.

6 -  I Love Kittens Stamp by Mirz123

I miss doing stamps, but was happy I managed a few this year. This one ended up as one of my favorites for two reasons: 1 - I love cats. And as many commented, all of my cats are my "kittens." And 2 - Even though it was a simple, I was quite pleased with the petting animation. A simple stamp for all of us cat-lovers. :3

5 - Smileypedia by Mirz123

This piece is special to me as it was created for a gift for one of my oldest and dearest online friends. I met BradLeeSP before I joined DA, and before I made a name for myself as an emoticonist. He offered me a lot of help in the beginning, and was very encouraging of my work with emotes and smileys. I'm so glad we became friends, and are still friends, and continue to work on a project which we hope will showcase the great emote/smiley artists from past and present. Anyhow, it was fun coming up with something that fit the theme, and I am super-happy how Brad's emote OC came out.

4 - Hot Air Balloon - VPNaNoEmo Week 3 by Mirz123

Thanks goodness for VP NaNoEmo. It really helped push me this year to create a few stellar pieces, despite my less than cheerful mood. Despite being depressed, I wanted to do something bright and with colors. This scene was pretty simple, but it ended up being one of my more popular pieces of the year. It was nice to do something low-key and relatively quick, which still turned out quite nice.

3 - 2015 Secret Santa - Wooded-Wolf by Mirz123

A very recent piece. This was my gift to Wooded-Wolf for the EmoteSecretSanta. I think what I'm most proud of is the fact I considered doing something much less complex for the dragon design, but decided to do something detailed. I think one of the things that is always a challenge in emote art is the scale. You can't simply take a regular image and shrink it down and pixel-over it (which is how some people think we do it). There is lots of adjusting to be done, and tweaking of colors as such a small palette requires adjustments. I was quite pleased with this piece, even though I feel it pales in comparison to many of the other SS entries. Does show me that I still have a long way to go and learn.

2 - Perseus - VPNaNoEmo Week 2 by Mirz123

I love ancient mythology, and I've had such a blast working on my series of emoticon versions of famous mythology paintings and scenes. Even though this one is a bit of a mash-up of move-fare, I was proud how it turned out. Particularly, Pegasus, who was tricky to interpret in true emote form (I didn't want to make him a horse with legs). While some of my other pieces might be more skilled, this is one I feel sums up my style the best. Chibi-emoticon, as I describe it. Plus, it was just fun to pixel -- no stress - which is always a pleasure when that happens.

1 - Skeleton Fight by Mirz123

By far, my favorite of the year. I think because I spent so much time working out the perspective properly, and trying to make it as close to the original scene from "Jason and the Argonauts" as I could. This took a ton of time, but it was worth it. It was also exciting to see how many other people were excited about it -- it's such a classic scene, and so many people love Ray Harryhausen, it was nice to feel that connection.

Honorable Mentions - A few pieces that I just happened to really like for no special reason.

2015 NaNoEmo - #3 Crazy Laugh by Mirz123  2015 NaNoEmo - #28 Cutie Idea by Mirz123  2015 NaNoEmo - #20 Cutie Razz by Mirz123

:bulletblue: To see my past countdowns: Mirz Past Top-10 Picks

Fave Stamps

Again, this year not really enough art to segregate regular emotes and stamps. Hopefully next year. ;)

Happy Holidays

Thu Dec 24, 2015, 4:29 PM
As I ready to do the last-minute cooking and gift-wrapping, and prepare to spend the holiday with my family, I want to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday (whatever you celebrate). It's been another rough year for me, but despite it all, DA is always a place I can come to find friendship, comfort and solace.

I will now leave you with one of two holiday emoticon/pixel videos which Ravenswd and I created a few years ago. I'm linking the Youtube for ease of viewing, but you can also see/fave it on DA below. (You can see the second one on my :devmirz333 account.)

Patterns by Subtle Patterns | Fonts by Google Web Fonts
Layout & Code by pica-ae | Copyright 2012

2015 Online Videos FTW!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 19, 2015, 2:27 PM

Top 10 Videos

As in past years, my family puts together a list of some of our favorite videos around the web. We send this list to our friends and family and it's become quite a tradition for us. We have a great time coming up with the selections, and our friends look forward to seeing what we found! I've shared the list before on dA, and since a few people seem to like it, I am continuing the tradition. Here's the 2015 list!

:bulletblue: Joyous Quartet - This group of junior musicians is simply amazing. And they seem to be having so much fun, too. Great song to top it off. A must-see.

:bulletblue: The Casebook of Nips & Porkington - I simple adore how stylized and clever this short is. Seriously, there is so much to look at with this rather unique animation. One of my favorites on this year's list.

:bulletblue: Lego Star Wars - Before the movie was an actual thing, there were the trailers. I love watching how people can re-create trailers using Legos. This one is one of the best. Definitely lives up to the hype!

:bulletblue: You Can Call Me Al Every year our list includes a retro-80s music video. This one by Paul Simon (also featuring Chevy Chase) isn't flashy at all, but it's fun and quirky. Plus it's one of our favorite songs from the era.

:bulletblue: Batman Vs Joker Stop-Motion - This stop-motion short is my #1 pick on this list. It is simply amazing how well-done the animation is, especially considering how much action is involved. Plus, it's a great story. Don't skip this one, seriously.

:bulletblue: Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster! - This is part of a great series featuring cute little animals. It was hard to choose which one to feature, but we just fell in love with the tiny sets and the adorable hamster. Cuteness overload!

:bulletblue: Animaniacs - I'm Mad - I think one of the stand-out things about The Animaniacs was the plethora of catchy and original songs they featured in their cartoons (starting a trend that continues to this day). This is one of our favorites. Anyone with kids (or siblings) can totally relate.

:bulletblue: Animaniacs - I'm Mad (Live-Action) - A fun live-action version of the Animaniacs video. You can tell this is a loving homage by fans of the series. It's super fun, and totally reminds me of how outings with my own kids go!

:bulletblue: Lego Star Wars - Storm Trippin As this is the year of Star Wars, we wanted to feature this quirky Lego story of a Stormtrooper who wants to get ahead, but just doesn't quite have the right stuff. Super funny.

:bulletblue: Western Spaghetti by PES - This is an amazing short which is a feast for the eyes. You'll never look at food, or blocks, quite the same way again.

:bulletblue: Oxygen - A short which is a spoof of those old-time school educational films. The 3-D animation is great and it's a very funny short.

:bulletblue: Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks - Though I'm sure it took several takes to make this video, this one showcases a collosal Hot Wheels track created by a family. It's mesmerizing to watch it. Way cool.

:bulletblue: Snoopy Vs the Red Baron - Back when I was a kid, one of my favorite albums/songs was a ditty by the Royal Guardsman which told the tale of Snoopy and his rivalry with the Red Baron. After seeing the new movie recently, I had to look up the song AND add it this year's list. :D

:bulletblue: Sir Knight of Nothing - A quirky tale of a rather inept knight. Features great animation and a story that is both humorous and action-filled. This one was one of my kids' top-picks.

:bulletblue: Quirkology - If you like optical illusions, mind-tricks, and slight-of-hand, you'll enjoy Quirkology. There are a slew of videos available on their Youtube page. This year, we featured a few of our favorites. Assumptions - The Ball - The Impossible Pink Cards - The Tube of Mystery

Did any of you see any great videos this year? Link them below. We'd love to see them.

:pointr: To see our picks from last year (and a bunch of other top-10s), check out THIS LINK.

Artists of Relativity - Vol. 23

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2015, 5:35 AM
Welcome to Gale City

A series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz333 account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means. Published on a periodic (i.e. every-now-and-then) basis:

This issue: :iconcostalonga: and :iconderletztesieger:


:bulletblack: Relativity Art

Master Blankard Mugshot by Costalonga
Carnie Kid Mugshot by Costalonga

Mirz and Ravenswood Mugshot by Costalonga The Lira Legacy by Costalonga Cricket Mugshot by Costalonga Aaron and Lloyd - Commission by Costalonga Moe and Joe Mugshot by Costalonga

:bulletblack: Other Art by Costalonga

Hamlet by Costalonga
Girl in the Window by Costalonga

Patty - Watching TV by Costalonga New Batgirl by Costalonga The Last by Costalonga Sketchbook - Red Hood by Costalonga King Henry VIII and Pope Clement VII by Costalonga

Costalonga offers commissions at various times. Please check out this page for more details.


:bulletblack: Relativity Art

Magic Fight by DerletzteSieger
Head Games by DerletzteSieger

After A Funeral by DerletzteSieger Michael Bruce by DerletzteSieger We'll See Whose Magic is Stronger by DerletzteSieger PC: Mirz-alt by DerletzteSieger Dark Flame by DerletzteSieger

:bulletblack: Other Art by DerletzteSieger

Just Wanna Make You Love Me by DerletzteSieger
PC: Lycantheropa by DerletzteSieger

Love Is 4 Walls by DerletzteSieger She's Mine by DerletzteSieger #16: Jisoo by DerletzteSieger

DerletzteSieger offers affordable point commissions. See her profile page for more information on the different types she has available.

:iconsuperthanksplz: to all of the wonderful artists who have worked on the series and fans who support it. We appreciate you all!

:iconrelativitycomic: To see more art or check out the series, be sure to visit the group.


Wed Nov 25, 2015, 4:56 AM
Editing to add...

Hello and welcome to all of the new visitors and watchers to this account. I was very surprised to see DA used my "turkey la" emote in their Thankgiving message. It makes me happy as I create my emotes to be used and shared. Anyhow, I am currently in the middle of NaNoEmo which means I try to make 30 emotes in 30 days. I'm a bit off due to a fall I had recently, but I do have several more I'll be posting in coming days.

Thank you to everyone for your greetings, well-wishes, and comments. I make a huge effort to reply to every message, so you should be hearing from me sooner or later (hopefully sooner).

*** Cross-posted with my mirz333 account. ***

Thank you for all of the well-wishes. I haven't had a moment to reply, but with the long Thanksgiving weekend, I hope to be on track and answering messages over the next few days. I'm doing a bit better. Still very sore. Need to heal a bit more before I can start physical therapy for the bursitis. Just hopeful I'll start to feel a bit of relief in the next few weeks.

The whole fall-down-the-stairs and general pre-holiday chaos has set me into a bit of a depression. That kind of trauma is a typical trigger, so I'm not surprise. Still not easy to deal with. I'm hopeful as my health improves, so will my mental outlook.

A very happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends. And for those who don't celebrate, a lovely rest of the week and weekend.

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Fri Nov 20, 2015, 8:10 AM
*** Cross-posted on my mirz333 account: ***

Shortly after my last journal -- about 2 weeks ago -- I had an accident. I fell down a full flight of stairs. My foot missed one of the steps. Problem was, I had a cup of coffee in my hand by the side of the railing. Despite letting go of the cup (yes, coffee EVERYWHERE), I couldn't grab on fast enough. I pitched forward and somersaulted down to the bottom, landing on my shoulder/face. Yes, I was lucky I didn't break my neck...the doctor even said so. I ended up quite injured: fractured shoulder, concussion, and tons of bumps and bruises. And, now to learn that I also have bursitis in each shoulder. To tell you the truth, the bursitis is more painful than the other stuff, OMG.

Do not fall down stairs by CoolKirbyArt

While that is a funny image (and yes, I need to laugh or else I'll cry), I have been using my story to remind people that a fall can happen. Also to stress that if you walk down holding your coffee or whatever, make sure it's in your other hand, away from the railing.  Lesson learned for me, the hard way.


As I'm in extreme pain still, writing and pixelling has been difficult. As well as replying and commenting and all of that. I do hope to catch-up this weekend. No promises, because I never know how I'll feel. But if you see a blitzkreig come in from me, you know why. I do want to thank Synfull for keeping things up at NaNoEmo while I've been out of commission. Plus, a thanks to all of the emoticonists who have been contributing. It's so much fun, and quite cool, to see such great emotes coming through the gallery.

I also want to take a minute and pimp out the 2015 Emote Secret Santa. It's always a lot of fun, and you don't even have to be a great emoticonist to participate. Just commit to making an emote gift for someone else. For more details, check out the journal below...

ESS 2015 - Assignment Notes SentAssignment Notes Have Been Sent! If you have not received a sign up note yet, please note the group or BlissfullySarcastic!
Remember, Saturday, December 19th at 11:59 pm GMT is the gift deadline. Reminder notes will be sent out periodically until you send in your present. Have fun!
The Aim
EmoteSecretSanta is an emote gift exchange that opens up every winter. Every participant will make one gift for another participant, chosen at random, and will receive a gift in return. We hope to spread a little joy this holiday season and that we can get everyone in the emote community a gift this holiday season! :heart:
Keep in mind: You do not have to be any sort of religion to take part in EmoteSecretSanta, nor do

:heart: Much love to all of you. Miss you much. Hope to be back in full form EVENTUALLY. Just have to convince life to keep from kicking me in the teeth...and down the stairs. :D

Oh, Good Grief...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 8, 2015, 8:05 AM
It's kinda funny. There are so many movies people are looking forward to seeing this year, from Avengers 2 earlier this year, to the next big one being Star Wars. But the one that I was most excited for was the Peanuts Movie. I have been a huge fan since I was a kid and was just uber-excited to see Snoopy and the Gang formally introduced to a whole new generation. Anyhow, yesterday, I saw the movie and I loved it to pieces. It totally inspired me to seek out some Peanuts art on DA. Since there is so much, I thought it would be fun to give it a feature. Be sure to visit the pages of these artists to give them a fave, a comment, or a watch. 

Lucy and Schroeder by Bele-xb7:iconnbsp:Snoopy and Charlie Brown by caiuaestaca

Little red haired girl by BezerroBizarro:iconnbsp:Snoopy by fubango

What if Calvin's Box Could by SiLLiMan-00:iconnbsp:Day 822. In which Piper spells #SNOOPY wrong by Cryptid-Creations

Medieval Peanuts Gang by Danphirus

Peanuts by Kaiami:iconnbsp:FRIENDS By-BradSnoopy97 by BradSnoopy97

Linus by danidraws:iconnbsp:Peanuts Art Card Set by kevinbolk

Charlie Brown by MattKaufenberg:iconnbsp:The Peanuts Movie: Genius [And So...] by Opallene

Thanks for all the watches, Deviantart! (Special) by exkhale:iconnbsp:peanuts: charlie brown christmas by strongstuff

It's the Apocalypse Charlie Brown! by SeanE
Charlie Brown by joshuadraws:iconnbsp:Linus and Rerun by cmsimeon589

peanuts in the park 4 by in-dis-guise:iconnbsp:Good ol' Charlie Brown by LeoDoesArtStuff

Avatar Charlie by minipeshe:iconnbsp:Day 10 (Inktober/15) by AnigraphiaPeanuts Plastic Canvas Tissue Box Linus by sanzosgal

Peanuts PACS by LimeTH:iconnbsp:Snoopy by harlanm

Staring Contest by WithSass:iconnbsp:Football by JediPanda22

The Peanuts Gang by chinako:iconnbsp:Peanuts Gang by GuardianMajor

Chuck by labguysworldoflines

Linus by Amarantheans:iconnbsp:Snoopy Writer Stamp by Mirz123 :iconnbsp:Charlie Brown Christmas by stuck-in-suburbia:iconnbsp:Snoopy vs Bugbie - Sky High Project Entry by a-kid-at-heart :iconnbsp:Snoopy Xmas Shock by cloud-no9

Welcome to 2015 NaNoEmo

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 29, 2015, 9:21 AM

November is almost here and Synfull and I (Mirz123) and I are happy to announce the 2015 NaNoEmo! Since Synfull wrote up a great journal that explains the event a few years ago, I will defer to that. Just a note to remember -- this event is meant to be fun and non-stress. Whether you make 1 emote or all 30, the goal is to get pixelling and create more than your normally would. So, without further ado...


What is NaNoEmo?

NaNoEmo is a fun emoticon challenge hosted every November to match up with NaNoWriMo in the literature community. Over the last 4 years we have had a fair number of emoticonists taking part and some fantastic emotes appearing all through the designated month.

The main purpose of the challenge is to encourage emoticonists to make emotes throughout the month of November. The most common challenge undertaken is to make 30 emotes in 30 days, though others choose to set alternative targets which better suit their other commitments or art style.

Whilst our previous NaNoEmo event hosted earlier this year was restricted to only visual purpose emotes, the November event returns to the 'normal' format where any emote style is accepted. So it is completely up to you whether you opt to create a pack, work on an expression meme, design a collection of chat friendly emotes, work towards a visual purpose scene or dive into contests and projects.

Taking Part

If you aim to take part in NaNoEmo then join the group and leave a comment on the journal below. We’ll add you to the list of participants so others can check out your emote(s). It may be useful to make a separate gallery folder to help people keep track of your entries. If you have one, post that below too and we will place it next to your name.

Once you have finished an emote(s), upload them to the 'featured' folder at NaNoEmo so other group members to check them out. If we receive enough entries we will aim to do a weekly recap  to show off a range of the brilliant pieces submitted. We will then round off the month with a news article to show off some of Mirz and my favourite pieces from the month.

You don’t have to take part in the entire month. So if for any reason you want to sign up part way through November or need to drop out, then that is ok. We will edit the list throughout the month to help keep it as up to date as possible.

Emotes made for NaNoEmo can also be entered into other contests/projects that may occur during the month.

Tutorials + Resources

For those that may not have much experience with Emotes, Emotication has a handy list of tutorials and resources which may assist making your art pieces.



It would be brilliant if you could help spread the word about this event. We would love to see members throughout the community (and even beyond) taking part, so please help promote it through journals, polls, Twitter or simply show it to your friends.

We look forward to seeing everyone sign up for this event, and eagerly await seeing what wonderful pieces you come up with! :eager:


1. Mirz123
2. CassidyPeterson
3. AspiredWriter
4. BlissfullySarcastic
5. SweetCreeper132PL
6. a-kid-at-heart -…
7. KitLightning
8. Krissi001 -…
9. Blobicons -…
10. Kath602
11. rickyrico
12. Quirbstheepic

NaNoEmo Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 27, 2015, 4:45 AM
2015 marks the 5th year for NaNoEmo, an event in the emoticon community which challenges artists to create 1 chat-friendly emote a day for the month of November -- 30 in all.  I had no idea when I started it that it would evolve into one of the "big events" of the emote community, oftentimes poking emoticonists out of retirement to join in, and filling the gallery with new/useful chat emotes.

Before we begin this year, I thought it would be fun to go back and feature some pieces from years post. Note, I didn't really pay attention to artist or time of year when these were posted. Just grabbed a variety that caught my eye. The NaNoEmo gallery is filled with hundreds of great emotes and is worth a visit (and a watch).

Note, the following were all submitted for the November NaNoEmo events, not VPNaNoEmo which is a separate challenge.

:TheClap: by stuck-in-suburbia :iconnbsp: Santa Juggle - 13 NaNoEmo #30 by Mirz123 :iconnbsp:Jumping Wave - NaNoEmo Day 16 by Ridley126 :iconnbsp: On the lurk by ketti-bri

NaNoEmo #1: Happy Pumpkin by SparklyDest :iconnbsp: Pirates by ketti-bri:iconnbsp: NaNoEmo 2013 - Winter Runner by Banjelerp :iconnbsp: NaNoEmo - Day 26 by Phlum

Contemplation by Mirz123 :iconnbsp: :grouphug: by a-kid-at-heart :iconnbsp: wuargs - NaNoEmo - day 4 by Krissi001  :iconnbsp: :headdesk: by Cmotes

Temptation - NaNo3 by Mirz123 :iconnbsp: workout (short) by KitLightning :iconnbsp: Hide and Seek by a-kid-at-heart :iconnbsp: In Bed by JeanaWei

:Oooooo: - NaNoEmo by a-kid-at-heart :iconnbsp:NaNoEmo 2014: Tabletop Adventures by Banjelerp :iconnbsp: Fighter - NaNoEmo 1/30 by BlissfullySarcastic

Ikaros by KitLightning :iconnbsp: Krissi Plushy by IceXDragon:iconnbsp: Save The World by Patches67

Coffee Shop by happy-gurl :iconnbsp: Free Avatar: Sleeping by pjuk :iconnbsp: NaNoEmo Day 1 by Kyramy

 :youtube: (NaNoEmo #4) by Nironan12 :iconnbsp: meow - NaNoEmo - day 28 by Krissi001 :iconnbsp::aspirine: by KitLightning

 It's REVAMP'D - NaNoEmo 12/30 by BlissfullySarcastic :iconnbsp: Ledge Jumping Emote by CassidyPeterson :iconnbsp: Pretty Princess Update by CassidyPeterson

Big Spot by IceXDragon:iconnbsp: NaNoEmo Expression Meme Death - DONE c: by SparklyDest

 Skype emote pack by izzy-the-hedgehog :iconnbspRobobuddy Reference - NaNoEmo 13/30 by BlissfullySarcastic

Personal Network Smileys V1 - NaNoEmo14: Day 11 by Mirz123

A Day In The Life Of .... Smiley by Chibi-NinjaX3

Assassin's Creed 4 by Kath602

The 2015 NaNoEmo sign-up journal will be posted in a couple of days. Stay tuned.

Artists of Relativity - Vol. 22

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 18, 2015, 1:05 PM
Welcome to Gale City

A series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz333 account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means. Published on a periodic (i.e. every-now-and-then) basis:

This issue: :iconknow-kname: and :iconbanjelerp:


:bulletblack: Relativity Art

Secrets - A Dark Flame Story by Know-Kname
Sunshine and Black Torrent by Know-Kname

Commission: Jonah Liberty by Know-Kname Commission: Resin by Know-Kname Masher test by Know-Kname Commission: Sparkz by Know-Kname Commission: Sewer bum Bobby by Know-Kname

:bulletblack: Other Art by Know-Kname

Blue Power Ranger by Know-Kname
Minecraft ice spike biome speedpaint by Know-Kname

Uncharted by Know-Kname Stardust by Know-Kname Commission: Chronnelo by Know-Kname Zelda playing card by Know-Kname Isaiah by Know-Kname

Know-Kname offers commissions at various times. Please check out his profile page for current commission status and more information


:bulletblack: Relativity Art

Commission: Relativity - Quill and Parchment by Banjelerp
Gift: His Time to Shine by Banjelerp

Zephyra's Story - Teaser (Episode 24) by mirzjiles Comm: Relativity Teaser - VR by Banjelerp Gift: Cute Little Sara by Banjelerp

:bulletblack: Other Art by Banjelerp

Fan Art: Witcher's Circle by Banjelerp
Critical Role: Keep Drinking, Sis by Banjelerp

Gift: You Give Me Strength by Banjelerp Celsia: Royal Portrait - Saera by Banjelerp The Epics - Creatures of the Sea by Banjelerp The Many Deaths of Lantar Sidonis by Banjelerp Celsia - Chilly Contemplations by Banjelerp

:devcubic-insanity: offers commissions. See her profile page for more information on when she is open for orders.

:iconsuperthanksplz: to all of the wonderful artists who have worked on the series and fans who support it. We appreciate you all!

:iconrelativitycomic: To see more art or check out the series, be sure to visit the group.

:bulletblack: To see past "Artists of Relativity" articles, check out this folder. :bulletblack: :bulletblack:


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I've been quiet, again. Lots of reasons, but I hate to bellyache (I seem to be a medical mess these months). Anyhow, a quick note to say I WILL be hosting NaNoEmo this year. It is set to begin on November 1st and last through November 30th. If you don't know what it is, have a look at last year's journal. If you're an emoticonist, or want to become one, this is a great way to sharpen your skills in an easy self-competition, creating chat-friendly emotes.
A new journal will be posted in the upcoming days with sign-ups, so if you're interested, make sure you watch the group and keep an eye out.

November NaNoEmo 2014November is approaching fast and Mirz123 and I are happy to announce that the November NaNoEmo will be running this year!
What is NaNoEmo?
NaNoEmo is a fun emoticon challenge hosted every November to match up with NaNoWriMo in the literature community. Over the last 3 years we have had a fair number of emoticonists taking part and some fantastic emotes appearing all through the designated month.
The main purpose of the challenge is to encourage emoticonists to make emotes throughout the month of November. The most common challenge undertaken is to make 30 emotes in 30 days, though others choose to set alternative targets which better suit their other commitments or art style.
Whilst our previous NaNoEmo event hosted earlier this year was restricted to only visual purpose emotes, the November event returns to the 'normal' format where any emote style is accepted. So it is completely up to you whether you o


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Yep. Expect a slew of comments and replies this weekend. Playing serious catch-up. Also, I may even try to publish an article or two. Whee! ;)

Still here...

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Should just copy-pasta this into every journal...

Still here. Life has been crazy. Hope to be more active soon.

Life *has* been busy. Trying to wind things up things for the summer and get the kids ready for school. We also had some out-of-town family come in for a visit. That, along with trying to keep our fiction series going (on that off-chance someone see it and doesn't think it sucks). Also, my 9-to-5 job has been SOOO busy. Lots of hectic days, and more than a few late nights. The last couple of months have been manic. Either way, things are starting to calm a bit now, and I hope they settle as we move into Fall (yay, pumpkin drinks!). I have still managed to do a bit of pixelling. I have 2-3 stamps in my WIP folder, and an emote or two. Hope to upload them soon. In the meantime, thank you all for your continued comments, faves, and watches. I appreciate every single one and will be around soon to respond to everything.

Oh, and while I'm at it, a very good friend of mine has returned to DA. He's working on a great project (and I'm honored to he helping a bit with it) which features smileys, and their creators. Seriously, if you like emoticons, you should give his page a watch. :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent

VPNaNoEmo Weeks 3 and 4 Round-up

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 11:07 AM
It was a bit of a light year, but I feel that considering the challenges the emote community has faced (with AddMedia killing our gallery and many older members moving off-site), we had a pretty good turnout. Again, thank you to everyone to participated. Be sure to check back in November when we host our regular NaNoEmo which has more of a focus on smaller and/or chat-friendly emotes.

Week 4

Day116 - Red by Blobicons

Skeleton Fight by Mirz123 Trapped by Krissi001 Chasing Shadows Emote Scene by mirz333

Minions by Krissi001 Minions by Krissi001

Week 3

Break!?! by a-kid-at-heart

Hot Air Balloon - VPNaNoEmo Week 3 by Mirz123 Storm Clouds - Emoticon Scene (VPN Wk 3) by mirz333

creating Emotes by Krissi001 Day108 - Fountain by Blobicons New Job - VP NaNoEmo 2/4 by BlissfullySarcastic

Weeks 1 & 2

See you in November! Hi-Hi Cutie Emote + PLZ 


Sat Jul 11, 2015, 7:10 AM

A few MANY months ago I ran a poll asking my watchers/visitors to link up one of their favorite pieces they would like featured. Though I'm terribly late, here is that collection. Honestly, such an amazing bunch of wonderful arts. :love:

143 - Solar system - Earth by Scarlett-Aimpyh Jelly by rainylake :bigthumb497998004:

Rebecca Hardwood 04 by phydeau RG - Power Nap by Tytoquetra

Mechanics and Moonlight (Mechanical Angel II) by rockgem Freckles by KimRaiFan

Burning Sky by Aamarka ready for some mystery? by LeniProduction

Saltwater Room - Astrid /Owl City,Abstract,Surreal by MelodyGlow Self Portrait by RhynWilliams Morli ^-^ by Nuumia

Prize for BOUSISUMMER! by UxieWriter Lights by iAmoret

His Lady SunA man of blackened soul and scale,
rests below the land they say.
Rotting, roiling, rage and rail,
deep below the rock and clay.
Festers, they say, in his dark home,
wanting blood, madness and pain.
Awaits the day when he will roam,
his terror unleashed to reign.
Nay, I say, his soul may be tamed,
and all his evil undone.
His heart, it waits, to be reclaimed,
by his love, his Lady Sun.
Perhaps by chance or maybe fate,
she brought about a stirring.
Alone so long without a mate,
left all his senses blurring.
He clawed through earth, took wing to sky,
sight sound smell, all senses groped.
Soared on until morning was nigh,
uncertain of what he hoped.
Lathed by sun, she made him take pause,
earth flesh, moon tress, orbs so bright.
But what lay within gave him cause,
to want and crave for her light.
He walked the land, blackened scale man,
his Lady Sun he greeted.
Clean and kind as anyone can,
made all his passions heated.
She saw within another side,
two tests she gave him to pass.
What is this?What is this?
This feeling I have?
It was weak at the start
Not anymore...
Growing in large amounts
How can I deal with this?
So many questions surround my mind
What is this?
This feeling I have?
Sighing while tears roll down my cheeks
Hearing the tunes of sorrow
Constantly replaying certain lines
Those lines to make me feel limp
Why must I feel ignored?
All of these in which seem to not be answered
I glance to the left; nothing
I glance to the right; nothing
Falling onto my knees, begging for things to end
Biting my lower lip as it quivers greatly
Blood slowly oozing from its source
I lap at said blood as if to be yearning
Eyes losing their light
What am I to do now?
What is this?
This feeling I have?
Torture looms over my ever so cold frame
Days seeming to be more gloomy as ever
Fixing to stand, I try to grin
The oozing blood continues
Its slow course on my throat
I suddenly twitch with no reason
What is this?
This feeling I have?
Nobody seems to be hearing me
Hah... As usual
The Specific AbstractI walked home alone from a halloween rager at 3am all bundled in black and now I sit on my couch with a best friend sleeping under my covers. Cancer. There, I said it. Tonight I finally allow the word to roll off my mind's tongue over and over again because I've avoided it for too long. Cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer. I might as well start saying it because I can't stop hearing it at school, work, in films, and in books. Cancer is a stalker I can't get a restraining order on. Cancer is a feeling I can't shake. Cancer is a shadow looming that I'll never quite understand because I don't have it.
My dad got prostate cancer when the leaves began to fall in 09'. Before he 'got' cancer his mom died from being old. She went quietly and quickly. She never stopped smiling and she tended this ginormous garden days before her heart attack. She kicked her bucket over at 94. My Opa on my moms' side died a few months after my grandma. It was sad but only because he didn't go so easily. I only kn

macro flower by Jo-walter14 The Mango Tree by SnowStormNinja24

Dig Up Her Bones Poster by 8ClockworkPurple8 Mystic Yearning by DesuSheep

Stretching on Deck C by silverhammer A feather by dottys-friend Dream image by dragondoodle

Me and Kat by krazysquirrel05  Autumn by sugarislife28 Chef in Heaven by Arichy