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July 2, 2012
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Coffee and Features - Issue 1

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 7:07 PM

A periodic random feature article showcasing various stuff, including contest wins and other goodies. Published on an erratic schedule.

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:bulletblack: Thank You

I was recently low on funds and my premium on my mirz-alt account was running out.  Endorell-Taelos and JamminJo were kind enough to gift me subscriptions.  Here is a thank-you feature.  Be sure to check out these lovely artists.

:bulletblack:  :iconjamminjo: JamminJo

Biker Break by JamminJo Duct Tape Man by JamminJo Helping Hands by JamminJo Bambi by JamminJo What does Love ........ by JamminJo Hinckley Fire Museum by JamminJo


:bulletblack: :iconendorell-taelos: Endorell-Taelos

When Worlds Collide - Chapter 1 - Arrival
  A strong wind blew in from the north. The Black Torrent shivered and pulled his cape around himself. For a late May evening, it was unseasonably cold. The change of weather had come on quite suddenly and it almost seemed there was something more in the air than a mere chill. Breaking into a run, he hoped the movement would warm him. He darted to the edge of the building and leapt over to the next rooftop. As his feet hit the slate, a buzzing came from his belt. He pulled out the small communicator, recognizing the code for Officer Derek Blake. He switched on the device.
 "Torrent here."
 "Hey, we were wondering if you could come down to Fifth and Clark. We have a kid here and we're not sure what to do with her."
 Glancing at his watch, he grimaced. It was nearly 2 a.m. "I'm not covering that area tonight," he said, even though he was already heading to the location.
 "I know. But...well, you'll see when you get here."
 It took Torrent twenty minutes to m
Moon and Stars Journal Skin by Endorell-Taelos Fragility by Endorell-Taelos :thumb297547519: Rose der Nacht by Endorell-Taelos Luciana's LamentI feel only you,
I see only you,
I hear only you.
As the darkness creeps around me,
It threatens to suffocate.
Never enough to just take my innocence,
You turned me into something
… I never wanted to know.
For all the things you've done, for your own greed,
Never once thought about your own child
Fragile as a porcelain doll,
now broken once more.
I dream about a world,
where I am free again.
It was never my fault.
I can still taste the blood
Of the many innocent souls,
It shouldn't have ever been like this.
Will I ever be pure once more?
I cry from the pain you put me through.
I cry as I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
It never should have been this way,
And it was all because of you.

:bulletblack: Chat Feature

A small feature of some of the regulars at the PizzaPixels chat room… .

:bulletblack: :iconamita-eppes: Amita-Eppes

Shoooooooooes by Amita-Eppes slug love 2 by Amita-Eppes TARDIS cake 5 by Amita-Eppes


:bulletblack:  :iconi-is-smart: I-is-smart

Homework doodles by I-is-smart Avengers emote cover by I-is-smart dA Wishing well Stamp by I-is-smart


:bulletblack:  :iconsparklydest: SparklyDest

Gothic Pixel Font by SparklyDest Thoughtful Death by SparklyDest :twitterpated: by SparklyDest

:bulletblack: Themed MC

I hosted the April Themed MC Contest. The theme was "My Life on dA".  Details of the contest can be found here --->…

Emote Trophy - Gold by mirzjiles 1st Place - :iconxanderpus:: Xanderpus


:thumb306766390: :thumb301643591:  :thumb272984891:


Silver Trophy Emote - Animtd by mirzjiles 2nd  Place - :iconaty-s-behsam:: Aty-S-Behsam

Life on DA by Aty-S-Behsam

'Jack and Sara' by Aty-S-Behsam Michael and Anahita (The Autumnal Equinox) by Aty-S-Behsam :thumb298313100:


Bronze Emote Trophy - Anmtd by mirzjiles 3rd Place - :iconicefire8521: icefire8521

Glowerth in a Meadow by icefire8521 Frozen in Time by icefire8521 Sara Wolff by icefire8521


Patina Emote Trophy - Animated by mirzjiles Honorable Mentions

:iconmonaartlove: MonaArtLove

Life on Deviant is Colorful by MonaArtLove

:icondanemmalove: DanEmmaLove

I Heart DeviantART by DanEmmaLove

:bulletblack: Random Feature

Just because...

We are Pirates! Pattern by Cappippuni The Dragon Royal Family by Saimain by Endorell-Taelos :thumb302991563: COMMISSION: Tess and her love by alexis-the-angel SketchCommissions - Mirz123 by alexis-the-angel

:bulletblack: Relativity Feature

Relativity is my fiction serial. I have been fortunate to receive lovely art featuring the characters through commissions, requests, and gifts.  Here are a few of the more recent pieces I want to show off.

Commission: Father and Son by elfdust Sara and Fariet coomission by Destinyfall Relativity Emblems by admx Bust Sale: Ravenswd by bunnystick Wedding for Sara by Fashionista122 Commission: Friendship by AwsumZ Relativity heroes FINAL VINTAGE by mirz-alt Dark Flame and Overcast by otohime0394 Masher test by Know-Kname Commission: When Worlds Collide by fee-absinthe -Cmsn- Dream Team! by AustriaKaninchen Comm.: True Colors by Gwendolyn12

:bulletblack: EMTC Feature

The EMTC is hosted by SparklyDest. Here are the winners from some of the recent contests.

:bulletblack: March 2012 EMTC - Theme: Camping

:bulletred: :spotlight-left: FIRST PLACE :spotlight-right: :bulletred:
Somewhere In The Woods O_o by a-kid-at-heart
by a-kid-at-heart

:bulletblue: :winner: Honorable Mention :winner: :bulletblue:

by dhik-a

:bulletpink: Close Contenders :bulletpink:

EMTC camping by Krissi001 Camping by nikkittie TENT RAGE - No Grass by Sinister-Starfeesh
Hiking friends by GemDeDude Girl Scout Camping by Mirz123


:bulletblack: April EMTC -  Theme: Flowers

bulletred: :spotlight-left: FIRST PLACE :spotlight-right: :bulletred:
She loves me? by TheSaltyMonster
by TheSaltyMonster

:bulletblue: :winner: Honorable Mention :winner: :bulletblue:

Watering the Plants by Ridley126
by Ridley126

:bulletpink: Close Contenders :bulletpink:

An Orchestra from the Floral Heart ~Prelude~ by BonBonToro Titanic: A Century by Pixacious
Water Dem Flowers by kittyluv8 :flowerrain: +plz-acc by ValaSedai


:bulletblack: May EMTC - Theme: Rain

:bulletred: :spotlight-left: FIRST PLACE :spotlight-right: :bulletred:
Alone in the dark by Web5teR
by Web5teR

:bulletblue: :winner: Honorable Mention :winner: :bulletblue:

Singin' in the rain by Synfull
by Synfull

:bulletpink: Close Contenders :bulletpink:
rain by Krissi001 When Angels Cry by happy-gurl OMG .. This Is NO Spring Rain! by SazLeigh
:umbrella: by stuck-in-suburbia Puddle Splash by IceXDragon

:bulletblack: Resources

I offer a variety of pixel resources in my gallery.  Here is a small feature of some of the works created using my fonts, templates, and stock.

dASAW avatar by EastSideSunsets The Zombie Maker by EmmaL27 Stamp by Sanosukeskitten I support Kaz-D by Eitvys200 Stamp: Everyone Needs Encouragement by starfire-wolf I am rich.. by nikkittie Om Nom Stamp by SazLeigh My Rock by stuck-in-suburbia Laughing Stamp by SparklyDest PvPvF Contest Entry Collab by BlissfullySarcastic Bunny slippers for Jiji by dragondoodle In the darkness.. by Kath602 Veronica by SaRaArEvAlO Girl In A Kimono by PurpleCherrySodaPop

:bulletblack: Reminds Me Of...

Occasionally while browsing dA, I will stumble upon an art piece that will remind me of someone I know.  It could be one of my original characters, a real-life friend, or something else.  Here are a few of the more stand-out pieces from that collection.

Com 24 - Mer. and Isa. Color by DarlingMionette FS#4 Kuroitenshi13 and Catgirl-Luna by Eeren Sunrise by PituSilver The girl in a coat by sharandula The Vampire Louis by DarkPrincessLauren quickly sketched male elf by dragonchilde :thumb279598444: Commission - Faye Jarlon - by Anathematixs GIFT :: Heureux Anniversaire Mymy :: by M-aelis Me in black by SaintYak

Just some random features. Emotes, traditional works, stamps, stock, and more. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy. -- Background and graphic images purchased at CSS coded by *Ravenswd
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