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May 18, 2013
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Emoti-Art Feature #1

Sat May 18, 2013, 5:32 AM

:thumb372315175: What is Emoticon Art?

What is Emoticon Art?  As founder of Emoti-Art, that's a question I get asked a lot. What criteria is used that sets one piece apart from another? 

First, it should be noted that I am of the belief that all emoticons are art. I feel a level of skill is needed to make them, and even a simple static emote is creative. Sure, it may not be high-art, such as a child's sketch is not a Mona Lisa. But there is still effort behind it and that's important. For more thoughts on this issue from the emoticon community, check out this article.

When we use the term "Emoticon Art," it's a classification, much like Chat-Friendly. Traditionally, Emoticon Art pieces are larger and more detailed. Because of their size and theme, they are often not useful for chats or comments. They are pieces that are simply lovely to sit and look at, admiring the details and pixelling, or marvelling at the high-level of skill and complexity of the animation.

Of course, the question often arises, can "chat-friendly" emoticons be emoticon-art? That's tricky and there are different schools of thought on the issue. Personally, I feel they can, but it's more of an exception to the rule. For the mostpart, chat-friendly are functional and not meant to simply be admired.  Chat-friendly emotes that fall into the "art" category usually include additional pixel art, props, disguises, or other features which make the piece stand apart from regular emoticons. While I have seen some amazing chat-friendly emotes, the bottom line is that even if you have an out-of-this world emoticon smile (or wave or wink), chances are you're not gonna sit there for several minutes admiring it. That's not its purpose. 

Visual Purpose is the phrase that is used to describe most Emoticon-Art. It's to be admired, and perhaps used as decoration. But, again, not all visual purpose emotes are emoticon art. 

Whatever the case, Emoticon Art is a valuable part of the emoticon community. It is a cross between standard emoticons and general pixel art. It gives emoticonists a chance to spread their pixelling wings and create something special. This article showcases a collection of some emoticon art favorites. This is just a small collection of what you can find around deviantART.  Be sure to check out the Visual Purpose gallery and Emoti-Art to see even more great pieces.

Cutie Artist by mirzjiles Emoti-Art Feature

All of these pieces are part of Emoti-Art

26 ticon by Ace0fredspades Rummel by teufelchenonline Emote Donkey Kong by Ravenswd Emotes World Party by madb0y Yeaaaaah by Mekki You can't lock up music by ZeroV25 Emote On A Boat -Cloudy by iiKaptain Sun Luv I by Sophibelle for mirz by Mr-hottiepants Avatar for xXHappyRainbowXx by BlissfullySarcastic The Emote House by SanguineEpitaph Fairly Odd Parents - Wishology by etNoir R U an Orange? by KinnisonArc Greenafire by greenafire Hello Kitty Plushie by Kiss-the-Iconist Monkey Pirate Ship by Mirz123 The Son of Man... is a Tard by a-kid-at-heart Summer time in Emote World by GemDeDude Avatar by pjuk far away by Sweet-DooDo Circle of Life by Synfull Fairyland by Seiorai

Cutie Syn by mirzjiles Synfull's Picks

When creating this article, I asked Synfull if she would be so kind and give me a list of some of her favorite emoticon art pieces. Here's her collection:

Lightning Bug by HsnGoneWild  Emote Seasons by a-kid-at-heart Orbit Buddy by J-Cartoons The Rooftop by IceXDragon heart galaxy by mintyy PvPvF: The History of the Apocalypse by BlissfullySarcastic Relationship by MerelyCubed Argghh... by Scorpion81 easytoon test by CookiemagiK that darned fly ANIMATED by Blue-Berry-Boy Toy Crane Avatar by Koomba Watch Workshop by otohime0394 ArkaEmote by Droneguard The Academote Awards 2011 by pjuk

Cutie Jamocha by mirzjiles Ravenswd's Picks

Since I love to spread the Emoticon Art love, I also asked Ravenswd to give me a group of his favorites. Here are his picks:

Scribblenauts Loop by PixelatedYoshi let's swing into spring by TanteTabata Shark Fishing by KindKristy99 Mintyy Trade- Ice Cream Part One by Astrikos It's REVAMP'D - NaNoEmo 12/30 by BlissfullySarcastic By A Thread... by SleepingInTheShadows Limited Color Challenge by happy-gurl Paper Boat + Paper Hat = Awesomeness! by 8-bitCoffee Easter Artist by spring-sky Wheel... Of... Fortune! by EternalxRequiem Paper Hearts by Eightence It's a rainy day... by Czar-the-Dragon Evil-tree by Krissi001 Gothic Moth by IceXDragon :thumb368339406: :invisibleglomp: by Waluigi-Prower

Article discussing just what is Emoticon Art. Also featuring a wide collection of emoticon-art pieces. If you like this article, please fave and/or comment to help others find these great emoticon artists/arts.
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