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March 4, 2012
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The twice-monthly article covering news, contests, and other happenings all around the deviantART Emoticon Community. We will also feature interviews, art features, and more. This zine is a collective work of many emoticonists. You can see our full staff list, as well as find additional information on emoticon community events by visiting the official zine group Emotizine.

As we have had a few false starts to the zine, we are still kinda setting in. If we missed an item or two, don't be alarmed. Be sure to follow us over the next few weeks as we broaden our features and get things settled.


Noticeboard Header by mirzjiles
Editors: SparklyDest and Mirz123


:bulletpurple: March EMTC - Camping by SparklyDest
Deadline: 29th March

:bulletpurple: Flove Contest by CubicInsanity
Deadline: 30th March

:bulletpurple: The Emoti-Art Contest by Emoti-Art
Deadline: 15th April


:bulletpink: Apple Challenge by ChallengEmotes

:bulletpink: I Love to Say...Project by seapuppy

:bulletpink: Friendship Project by Mirz123

:bulletpink: Emote Story Project by Web5teR

:bulletpink: Emote Kart Project by Phlum

:bulletpink: Emoticon Themes Challenge by wasabi-n-sushi

:bulletpink: Emote Expression Challenge Project by Phlum

:bulletpink: Rooms Project by D-Kiddo

:bulletpink: Birthday Calendar Project by BlissfullySarcastic

:bulletpink: The Calendar Collab by Krissi001 has been re-opened.

:bulletpink: The Love Project by BabyRuca

:bulletpink: 2012 Project by Nice-Spice


:eager: New section coming next issue!


:bulletred: So I Herd U Liek Features - Vol 3 by Synfull

:bulletred: Krissi001 recently conducted an interview series with emoticonists around dA. There were fourteen editions in the series, each packed with great questions and answers.  Check out this folder to view the various volumes.

:bulletred: Emotiviews 13 - Interview with Kyramy

:bulletred: Since our last Zine, the winners of the Emote Awards were announced.  Check them out here.

:bulletred: Emoticonist Showcase - Vol 2 by ravenfire-1


Emote Community News Header by mirzjiles
Editors: Mirz123

:bulletyellow: If you haven't already heard, Krissi001 is leaving as Emoticon Community Volunteer.  stuck-in-suburbia is now the new CV.  Be sure to stop by both of their pages and show them some love.  In addition, all Daily Deviation suggestions should now be directed to stuck-in-suburbia.  She lists her preferences and DD suggestion guidelines on her page.  Be sure to check them out.

:bulletyellow: Emotication is looking for donations to maintain their Super Group status.  They are also in the middle of a major revamp of the group.  For more information, check out this page.

:bulletyellow: Emoticon-Circle is currently looking for Emoticon Counselors.  If you have 1.5 years experience in the community and would like to help other emoticonists, check out this journal for more details.


Commissions Header by mirzjiles
Section Editor: EternalxRequiem

Hello there! I would like to take a moment to tell you about some emoticonists who have commissions available.

ClefairyKid Stamp and avatar commissions are open. Please read these journals for more information. link and link.

happy-gurl - Cake Avatars commissions are open. All other commissions are currently closed. visit this journal for more information.

IceXDragon - Big Emote commissions are now open. Please visit this journal for more information on the cause. Drawing, photography, stamp, emote and avatar commissions are also available. Please see IceXDragon's page for more info on pricing.

JaiLatte - Icons, mini dolls, pixel art, custom oc and original species commissions are currently open. For information on pricing visit her journal.

Nice-Spice - Llama avatars and color avatars, static slime humans and min-bins commissions are open. Big emotes commissions are close. visit her journal for more information on prices.
OC Copyright Image requests are open for a limited time. Only 4 slots open at a time. More info can be found here.

otohime0394 Avatar, emote and digital chibi commissions are currently open. Visit her journal for pricing info.

pixiepot - Commissions for Avatars, stamps and various other requests are open . Visit her journal here for more information regarding pricing.

Phlum - Vector Commissions are open. Visit this journal for prices. There will only be 5 slots open at a time.

EternalxRequiem - Bottle emotes, static emotes, animated emotes, stamps, pixel art and sculpture commissions are open. Visit this journal for more information on prices.

SanguineEpitaph - Commissions for journal skins, hand-bound sketch books, static emoticons, animated emoticons and custom box backgrounds are open. Please visit his journal for more information on pricing. Paypal only.

Synfull - Avatars, bead cubes and rubik's cube commisons are available. Visit this journal for pricing.

timothymh - commissions for emotes, stamps and icons available are still open. check out his page for more information on prices.

Kohaku0827 - Emote, avatar, stamp and other pixel art commissions are open. Please visit Kohaku0827's page for more information.

Web5teR - Emote, avatar and stamp commissions are open. Please visit his page for more information.

If you have recently opened commissions please note me and I will add you to the list for the next issue.


Interviews Header by mirzjiles
Interviewer: bradleysays

Although Ricsmond is only very new to creating emoticons, he sure has made an impact. His incredible entry for SparklyDest's EMTC, his dedication to keeping up with his 2012 Emote Calendar, and the way he supports and befriends his fellow emoticonists truly shows how valuable he is to the emote community. You can find the full interview here.

:bulletyellow: In general, what do you like most about the emoticon community?

The community itself: Emoticonists are very friendly, they support each other and they have a lot of fun projects! :iconlawooplz:

:bulletyellow: Are there any emoticonists that inspire you?

I admire litecrush :love: and her work: she has detalied, well animated emoticons and scenes :eyes:
happy-gurl and BlissfullySarcastic have great skills and they work in MS Paint. They are a great example to show that it doesn't matter what program are you using, you can be good.
Web5teR Has incredibly detailed emoticons and animations.
There are many others, such as OnionBlaze, Synfull, SanguineEpitaph, Mirz123, Krissi001 and the list goes on.

:bulletyellow: What program(s) do you use to create your emotes?

I use Photoshop CS5.


Spirit News Header by mirzjiles
Editor: DryBones44

The Emoticon Community Spirit Initiative is restarting.  The first week in the new rotation is being hosted by Mirz123.  Two chat events are planned for the week.  Check out this journal for more information.

Reservations for hosting in the first half of 2012 are now being taken. If interested, please check out this page


Special Feature Header by mirzjiles
Staff Emoticon Picks

We asked a member of our staff to pick one of their fave recently submitted emotes and tell us what they liked about it.

 Strawberry Decadence by Quolia by Quolia

Mirz123 says... "The pixelling on this is amazing. Such a lovely integration of real-life design and emoticons.  I totally want a bite of that dessert! Lucky emotes!"


If you love it fave it by Ravenswd

:eager: Coming Next Issue:

:bulletpurple: More emoticon community goings on.
Current edition of the bi-monthly article featuring news and more from the Emoticonist Community.
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