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Submitted on
October 18, 2011


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Personal XDD by auxeru

Inspired by the stamp above, several months ago, I conducted a poll and asked my visitors and watchers to pick a piece in their gallery they would be most proud of to have featured as a Daily Deviation.   Below are the deviations picked.  Note that several deviants felt their galleries did not have a piece worthy enough of a Daily Deviation.  For them, I chose one of my favorites from their submissions.

Talented Artist, No DD Stamp by lightpurge I just know it by 1Foxylady :thumb223056482:


pixel 3DS aqua by silver-escape Creeper Pixel by SparklyDest

:chaaaarge: by Steph1254 zOMG HE STOLE DAT BAG by LillyTheCat1 Banned by spring-sky Banned Emote - Contest Entry by BANGDK Banned by Scorpion81 :splat: by catluvr2 My Vacation by yarjor Seasons of Life by Mirz123 :chinesenewyear: revamp by Kath602 A glass of Emotes?? by horber95 Seaside Sun by PokeartKid Bounce together by Droneguard Best of Friends - Community by Indae Sis - Hide and Seek by stuck-in-suburbia Venus Flytrap Explains the Atom by Ravenswd


Fragility by Endorell-Taelos Natural Wonders by Syphellium speckled birdy by zaz14ispottermad  Martin : State Your Business by HeatherTrelawney GLUTTONY by randomlypsycho the bees by ErynnBlackwolf American Gothic by mirz-alt Friendship Vows
I promise to be there –
In the good, I will share;
In the bad, I will despair.
But remember this:
I will always be true –
This I will not rue;
And to always be there –
This I do swear.
Hunted by ClefairyKid :thumb216846049: :thumb147491693: Creamed MiseryWelcome to the final darkness. I'm the oldest in our miserable cave. I've seen five generations come and go; chosen one or two at a time by the hands of the gods.  Soon after they are pulled away, we can hear a sharp grinding sound; screams ignored by those giant beasts.  We never know when it will happen, but it always does.  Some come here laughing, thinking it's paradise.  Those ones should be labeled canned morons!  I've been ready for my turn long ago, but it never comes.  Do the gods hate me?  Why do the gods resent creamed corn?! Fairytale gone bad by Minato-Kushina :thumb213119786: Velvet rosette by WhiteKimahri 20100104_2 by NAkos society by NikolasBrummer Fancy Red Pots by rockgem Starry Dreams by Love-Who :thumb221921136: Candy Eye by Snowshi Wait by the window by AikasCupcake Feeling a little Frilled by Lythronax Forever Alone by RAWRItzKat Ice Castle by AreteEirene Starry Eyed by Gwendolyn12 Finials and Tendrils repeated by PeriwinklePaisley Bowing Down by DarkGamer72 Paint the Town Red by LauraMizvaria :thumb226692881: Extortion by chemoelectric Taylor Swift 9 by river-cleaner Rosalina by V-P-aurore-star Milky Way by Aamarka Abandoned
The dad who was never home,
the mother, always drunk,
the hooligan brother,
the slut of a sister.
None of them are ever around anyway.
When I walk to school
I'm beat up by the other kids.
My teacher asks me about the bruises on my arms,
and I lie, like my older brother taught me too,
at least, when he still cared about me.
Now I'm all alone,
there's food in the fridge, sure,
there's games to play, as long as I'm fine playing alone,
but there's always something missing,
something the other kids at school have maybe?
When I'm old enough,
when I understand more,
that's when I realize
that I've always been alone.
The other kids at school don't care,
they just look the other way
and go about their day.
I don't mean a thing to them,
and them not a thing to me.
The family, I've already said,
was never around
so why should I think they give a shit?
I barely remembered them,
no, not a thing.
So that car that hit me,
it was really a blessing.
I brought it on myself,
stepping out in the road like
   Paper Planes
Everyday...ever since I saw that boy where my brother worked...
Everyday... I snuck out of the hospital, avoiding the nurses and avoiding my father.
Everyday... I snuck see his face...
To read his thoughts...
To see our paper planes...

~ Chapter 1 - Sunshine ~
"Mother in heaven... I am so sorry for once again disobeying dad... if this is it for me... if I can't get out of this hospital alive, then please... please... forgive me and let me see him... one last time..."
I silently pleaded to my mother as I furiously ran past the nurse's head desk, avoiding curious gazes. Tears streamed heavily down my face. Every step and every stride brought pain shooting through my veins... but I don't care. I need to see him...
If this was the last moment of my life...
...My only wish before I go, is to see him.
I bursted through the hospital doors, my pace significantly weakening. My heart was painfully banging against my chest,


:thumb217291311: Unrequited Love          I'm next to her, a smile pasted on my face. She goes off about her day, the sound of her voice melding into the background as I gaze up at the big screen. Every once in a while she asks a question and I feel forced to answer, her eyes on me. She does not notice a thing and starts droning on again. The lights begin to fade and she finally quiets down. I look up at the screen, my heart racing.
I must remain focused.
          Now I'm sitting in the passenger seat, listening to her complain about the same old thing. I force a laugh and offer hollow sentiments. She blasts the music and soon we're singing along to the song together. For the smallest of moments I feel elated and full of wonder, but it soon fades when we pull into my driveway. I wave goodbye as she drives away, my eyes secretly pleading to her.
I must remain calm.
:thumb208707929: Empty skies"Doesn't it look empty to you?"
What do you mean, little girl? It never looks empty, because in an expanse of sky there can be clouds and rain storms and blue turning to green at the edges. It's a diaphanous green, an almost-there-but-not-really green, and it melts into the ground sometimes. The change in colour has something to do with the atmosphere, I think. There are too many gases in the air and that causes the world to look larger.
And yet here you are, little girl, and you're telling me it looks empty. You're asking me whether I agree. And how can something so full of rockets and stars and a million suns be empty? Well, maybe not completely full of them. But something needs empty space in order to look pretty. Negative space, if you ask the artist.
Why don't you ask the artist, little girl? I'm sure he knows much more of emptiness than a lonely stargazer with a telescope and a cloudy sky. I mean, it does kind of have that charcoal-like quality to it when it's night time and ther
Writing Letters-(Lights brighten on a stage that is is split down the middle. One side is a modern, 2011 girl's room.  The other is a 1930's style boy's bedroom. )-
Ruth: -(Flopping on the bed)- Ugh.
Tristan:-(Sitting at the desk)- Ugh.
Ruth: -(Looks around, trying to find something)- Elaine! Where's my iPod?
Tristan:-(Shuffling through a drawer)- Torrin! Where's my book?
Elaine: -(Offstage)- How should I know, Ruth?
Torrin: -(Offstage)- Which one, Tristan?
Ruth: You're the one that borrowed it choreograph!
Tristan:The Last of the Mohicans.
Elaine: -(Offstage)- I returned it!
Torrin: -(Offstage)- What do you want that old ratty thing for?
Ruth: -(Getting off the bed and looking around)- Well, I don't have it!
Tristan:-(Turning in the chair to face the door)- To read.
Elaine: -(Offstage)- I put it on your speaker last n


If you love it fave it by Ravenswd
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ArtByCher Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011   Traditional Artist
Great feature! I really love the statement on the first stamp. It's true, not getting a DD does NOT mean your not talented. In reality it comes down to the decision of one person as to who gets what. :clap:
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
True that.
Darrok Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
This may just gonna stay a dream for me to get a DD!:iconwtwplz:

is any of my work good enough to get a DD?:iconeheheplz:
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
You never know, honestly.
Steph1254 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thank you. <3
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
You're welcome. :heart:
Aamarka Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, there's nothing DD-worthy in my gallery. But still thank you for choosing one you liked for this feature. :hug:
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
joyfulstamps777 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I super super super appreciate it!:iconmuchsignplz:
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
You're most welcome.
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