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November 5, 2012
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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 5, 2012, 3:23 AM

What's New

:saddummy: Feeling a bit blue. Life has been rough. Money's tight because of baby as well as an unexpected vet bill for one of our kittens who ended up very sick (and please don't mention my commissions--most were paid for long ago and with money specially set aside for that purpose). Still a backlog of art. Lots of household cleaning and projects to do. A mountain of laundry. Plus, "dealing with the universe" stuff which always wears me out.  Trying to stay positive, though.  But it's hard when you're so tired.

:eager: That said, I have jumped into NaNoEmo and am excited at the prospect of making an ecclectic variety of emotes all month.  Anything anyone would like to specifically see me tackle?

:O_o:  Can you believe Thanksgiving is around the corner in the U.S? That is actually my favorite holiday.  I love Christmas, but it has the stress of gifts and such.  Thanksgiving is just food, family, and fun. Looking forward to it.

:D For those who have wondered, my avatar has been 'stached for Movember. What's that, you say? Read about it here --->…

:noes: I have yet another backlog of messages and replies. Nearly 700 messages. I have been so busy focusing on art, I haven't made an effort to reply much. I hope to get through them this week. My apologies to anyone waiting for a response.

:salute: I think that's it. Continued thanks to all of my watchers. I'm about 100 shy of 3000 now.  Perhaps I'll do something special when I do.  Until next time...

Art Gifts & Stuffs

:bulletorange: Just a small shout out for the first piece. A gift/fan-art from Maygirl96 She is an aspiring comic book artist and her gallery is worth a look-see. Go show her some love.

Dark Flame and Magma by Maygirl96 Ravenswood by Cuvey by mirzjiles Andy Lewis by ThreshTheSky

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Infinite-Carousel Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Feel better and have a good Thanksgiving! :hug:
HaveTales-WillTell Nov 5, 2012  Professional Writer
And they said April was the cruelest month. Shows what they know. :roll:

:hug: I'm sorry to hear of your financial woes. Hopefully the worst of them are behind you; happy early Thanksgiving.
destroyerofgalaxies Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa, Thanksgiving was long past for me in Canada :giggle:
Hope life gets better for you... I know the feeling :(
*hugs* i hope you guys have a great thanksgiving.
Oof. I know how you feel. On the first of the month I can easily eat better, but towards the end of the month all I can have is rice and beans. I hope we can figure something out for Thanks Giving.
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