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September 14, 2012
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Relativity Contest - Great Prizes!

Fri Sep 14, 2012, 7:38 AM

RELATIVITY_The heroes by FranciscoETCHART

:happybounce: Ravenswd and I are proud to announce our 2nd annual Relativity contest!  

The theme this year (overwhelmingly selected by our Watchers) is:

Your Original Character (OC) as a Hero or Villain in the Relativity Universe

Since this is a Relativity contest, simply drawing a picture of your OC as a superhero will not count.  You must incorporate something from Relativity into the piece.  Either another character from the universe or something that is a direct and obvious reference to the world.

ANY of the Relativity characters can be used.  That includes the characters  in or out of costume.  Supporting characters or villains may also be used.

A full list of characters, profile sheets, and references can be found in the RelativityComic Group here --->…

Your character can be, but doesn't have to be, a costumed hero or villain.  Your OC could be a heroic cop on the police force or a regular citizen who rises to the occasion to help the heroes solve a crime.  Those are just examples,
so use your imagination.

Note: We prefer contestants creatively use an existing OC for the contest.  However, since many may not have an OC that would work, you may create a new OC just for the contest.

There will be three categories:

1. Traditional/Digital -- This is the broadest category and pretty much includes everything from sketches to photo-manipulation.   This also includes artisan crafts, etc.

2. Pixel - This includes dolling, emoticons, and general pixelling.  Honestly, this category is here because we are pixel-artists and we want to give our compatriots an even competing field.

3. Literature - Self Explanatory.  Stories should be limited to 5000 words.  Poetry will be accepted.

Each category will have a winner and a runner-up.  There will also be a grand-prize "Best of Show" entry which can be from any of the three categories.

:bulletblue: Artwork must be new and created on or after August 5, 2012.

:bulletblue: You MUST mention the contest and link back to this page in your Artist's Notes.

:bulletblue: Submissions should be submitted to this Group folder.  You do not have to be a member of the group to submit.  --->…  

:bulletblue: All entries must be PG-13 or better. Granted, we don't mind something a bit more mature, as the series is definitely on the grittier side.  But overly graphic or revealing pieces will not be accepted.  (i.e. suggested sex is okay--graphic sex, no, and keep any possible gore on
the tame side)

:bulletblue: Original Fan Characters ARE allowed, as long as they are stand-alone.  Meaning, if you have a character you made for the Batman universe, that is acceptable, but you simply cannot bring Batman into the story--just your Fan OC.

:bulletblue: You can use as many of the Relativity characters as you like.  Meaning you can use 1 (such as just Overcast) or all of them.

:bulletblue: You can enter up to three times, in one or multiple categories.  However, you will only be eligible to win once, overall.

:bulletblue: Deadline is 11:59pm October 22, 2012. There will be no further extensions.

Quick Info about Relativity

:bulletblack: In an effort to help those not familiar with Relativity, here is a cheatsheet with information on the series and main characters --->…

:bulletblack: We have also been creating super-condensed, full synopsis of each episode.  This will allow readers to get acquainted with the events of the stories if they do not have time to read the full versions.  You can find the first 4 episodes here and the rest of the episodes will be added shortly --->…

Each category will have the following winners/prizes:

Gold Trophy by mirzjiles Winner

:bulletwhite: 3-month subscription or points equivalent
:bulletwhite: 1-char Grayscale Sketch from ThreshTheSky (example… ) :bulletwhite: 1 monochrome sketch (1 char, waist up, no bg) by CristianaLeone
:bulletwhite: Special feature in winners article by Mirz123
:bulletwhite: Pixel-doll portrait by mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: Custom box profile feature by pixiepot
:bulletwhite: 50-points from pixiepot
:bulletwhite: 75 points from JamminJo
:bulletwhite: Winner stamp from dragondoodle

Silver Trophy by mirzjiles Runner-Up

:bulletwhite: 1-month subscription or points equivalent
:bulletwhite: Special feature in winners article by Mirz123
:bulletwhite: Custom avatar by mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: Custom box profile feature by pixiepot
:bulletwhite: 50-points from pixiepot
:bulletwhite: 25 points from JamminJo
:bulletwhite: Winner stamp from dragondoodle

Patina Emote Trophy - Static by mirzjiles Best of Show:

:bulletwhite: 6-month subscription or points equivalent
:bulletwhite: 1-char Grayscale Portrait from ThreshTheSky (example… )
:bulletwhite: Digital painting (1 char, waist up, simple bg) from CristianaLeone
:bulletwhite: Custom short story featuring the winner's OC(s) and Team Torrent.
:bulletwhite: Special feature in winners article by Mirz123
:bulletwhite: Pixel-doll by mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: Custom box profile feature by pixiepot
:bulletwhite: 200 points from thorns
:bulletwhite: 50-points from pixiepot
:bulletwhite: 200 points from JamminJo
:bulletwhite: Winner stamp from dragondoodle

:pointr: All entries will be featured in a special round-up article published by Mirz123

Additional prize donations are welcomed and appreciated.  Prize donators MAY enter the contest.

Grab one of these stamps to help promote and/or show your support for this contest!  Please link back to this journal.

Relativity Contest Stamp 1 by mirz-alt Relativity Contest Stamp 2 by Mirz123

:bulletblack: How your OC is involved is up to you.  We love creativity. Some examples of possible ideas include: Your OC meeting with a Team Torrent character to solve a crime. Perhaps your OC falls in love with one of the heroes.  Or maybe your OC has a grudge against Black Torrent and
decides villainy is the way to go.

:bulletblack: We are big on story, so quality of art is good, but we will be looking at how it all ties together.  

:bulletblack: Any questions should be posted to the comments here and we'll try to answer them as best we can.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Current entries can be found here

Contest Entries! 19 entriesThis is the official journal for entries to the 2nd Annual Relativity Contest.  For details on the contest, rules, and prizes, check out this News Article --->
:eager: Current entries!
Posted the link to the lit piece, as there is a disappearing lit thumb bug going around.
:iconnbsp: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:
  :bulletwhite: A 'Relativity' Affair by CristianaLeone
Relativity Contest Entry by Avis-Hope :bulletwhite: :thumb326272977:
:thumb323904642: [Bullet; White] :thumb322944253:
The Scarlett Illusion has Sarah by dragondoodle  [Bullet; White] Relativity Contest Entry by ArtFairy132
Non-Competing Entries:
Bold Bullet by mirz-alt

Cool contest with lots of amazing prizes! -- Promoting this on my `Mirz123 account to get a bit more exposure. PLEASE add this news to your faves; I'd love to reach the footer to get more eyes on this contest! Extended deadline to October 22nd! :heart:
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ANGELICA-LILY Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
I hope you're feeling better and healing nicely . ( I hope the
baby is settling in , so you can rest .)
Anyway , I just want you to know that I have a section of my
gallery just for your comic . If there is anything else you need or want to put in it , please feel free to tell me .
I added it awhile ago . I wanted you to have another area to promote your work .
I enjoy everything you do for others , you deserve to have someone else do something nice for you . ~ angel

(I really want to add links for you , but , I just don't know how
to do that . I feel pretty stupid . I'm sorry .)
;peace and love ~
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Mirz123 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
Thank you very much. :heart:
pharynroller360 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
i love doing i'll enter the contest i'll choose to be a....hero i'll win great prizes
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