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Submitted on
November 7, 2012


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Relativity Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 4:45 AM


Commission: Heroes by DavidAdhinaryaLojaya

Ravenswd and I are happy to announce the winners of the 2nd annual Relativity contest.  This year's theme was "Your OC as a hero or villain in the Relativity universe."

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It seems a common thing for contest hosts to complain about the difficulty in judging.  That's because it's hard! And this contest was no exception.  Lovely art, wonderful words, and great ideas. With so many diverse entries, we had to pick one criteria to use as the main judging point.  That was story.  More importantly: Who did we want to know more about. Which pieces piqued our interest and made us want to know what happened next.  With that in mind, we announce the winners...


As pixel artists, we opened this special category since pixels sometimes struggle against more traditional digital art. Sadly, however, we got very few entries and will probably eliminate this category next year. In the meantime, we did get several wonderful entries.

Silver Trophy by mirzjiles Runner-Up

Another Relativity Contest Entry by Avis-Hope

We thought it was great that the artist created a base of their own for this piece. Nicely pixelled and the story was cute.

Gold Trophy by mirzjiles Winner:


Seeing a humanized version of the artist's OC (which is normally an emote platypus) was quite fun. Seeing him hooked up with Melody was awesome. The pixelling is great, too.


This category had so many close entries.  Seriously, we could have had 5-6 winners.  As it was, we wanted to give an Honorable Mention which will receive 100 points and a feature in the upcoming special winners-feature article.

Bismuth Trophy by mirzjiles Honorable Mention:

Relativity Contest Entry by ArtFairy132

We both adored the character of Emmy. We could definitely see her as a kid at the Gale Home and totally wanted to know more about her character. As for the actual art, the stylized cartoon is simple adorable. Dark Flame looks worried, but Emmy is beaming with confidence.

Silver Trophy by mirzjiles Runner-Up

Sunshine and Black Torrent by Know-Kname

I want to read this comic! The idea of these two teaming up to rescue their sidekicks was too fun to pass up.  The art is stylized and great--the two look amazing. I have to tell you, I'm tempted to write this story myself just to see what happens next, which says a lot.

Gold Trophy by mirzjiles Winner:

The Scarlett Illusion has Sarah by dragondoodle

The setup, the art, the whole shebang! We loved the idea of a vixen stalking the rich powerful men of Gale, and disguising herself as Sara. The author's mini-scene in the comments really showed it was well thought-out and tied it all together. Art-wise, the smug expression on the villain's face and Sara's defiance is perfect. We totally want to see what happens next!


Another close category to judge! Note that both of these entries have a mature filter.  Both placed the non-restrictive warning on their piece for some sensitive issues and mild gore. Both are well within the PG-13 rating mandated by the contest.

Silver Trophy by mirzjiles Runner-Up

The character of Leo Solaris was quite intriguing. Even though the Team Torrent characters were a bit off in personality, overall it was well written and done. We found ourselves engaged in the story and wanted to know more about how this character would fit into Gale City and the Relativity world.

Gold Trophy by mirzjiles Winner:

What we loved about this story is that it read like a real Relativity episode. The narrative was well written and flowed nicely. The author's character fit well into the universe and she crafted an intriguing story that sucked us in. Her use of the Relativity heroes and a villain worked. The cliffhanger ending was a bit of a disappointment, but it had us clamoring for more.

Best of Show

A 'Relativity' Affair by CristianaLeone

This entry had all of the key elements: Beautiful art, attention to detail, comic book styling, and a story that made us wonder how the heck the characters got into that situation! Using both a hero and a villain OC, we like how she wove them both into the Relativity world.  Of course, you can't overlook the gorgeous picture.  A lovely incorporation of the characters into the universe!  A wonderful job by CristianaLeone.

Other Entries

As is our practice, we like to also showcase the other entries and give some of our commentary.  Each contestant will receive 50 points each from us as a participation prize.

Hellion - Relativity by HeroforPain

This piece is stunning. I really love how the artist managed to subtly add the Relativity crew into it. I was really intrigued by this premise and would love to see more.  This was one of those pieces that vied heavily for a winning spot--and made us wish we had several more places to win.

Black + Lavender**This story is an fanfiction contest entry of Relativity, an ongoing series. While it can be read independently, it assumes the reader has general knowledge of the main characters and settings. This story is set in the Relativity timeline sometime before the storyline of "Cotillion". A link to the contest can be found in the artists' notes below. **
Michael Bruce looked around the room at the party he'd hosted to celebrate the coming of the daughter of one of his biggest competitors. He didn't know her business in the United States, just that she'd booked a penthouse in Gale City, and had agreed to come to the shindig. He hoped to make a favorable first impression, especially if she was in town to do some business. It was too early for her to be fashionably late, but the other guests had arrived, and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Melody and Ravenswood were laughing at some joke with another couple in the corner.
When the mid-twenties beauty walked in, she became the Ch

This piece was pretty much neck and neck with the Runner Up in the Lit category. It's a classic tale with interesting characters. The Relativity characters were well-portrayed, very much reflective of their personalities. We liked all the information about how superheroes would work internationally. We could easily see Sasha being a part of the Relativity Universe.

Jewel Thief by Captain-Savvy

Another contender to place. We loved the idea of a crafty Sybil stealing candy gems from the kids. The art is great and I love how Dark Flame looks in this. We would so love to read the story behind this.

Relativity contest Entry by CL-Pinkskull

Another close one! I really loved the comic-book styling of this piece. So much fun, and Dark Flame looks great. The OC of the artist looks great and I could see her fitting into the Gale City heroes. Would love to see a story between these two!


It was neat and fun that the author chose poetry to tell the tale. Also interesting how they managed to work in several of the characters, in and out of costume. The imagery was great and really set the mood.


This one has a great premise and a fun ending. It was an interesting choice to pair Dark Flame up with Hell's Razor. The story was intriguing and we'd really like to see the lead-up.

Crossover Contest Entry by Scarydestiny

The idea of a character feeling lonely and attaching himself on to a group because of looks (and thus fitting in) was really neat.  The artists really made Melody look great here--she doesn't get nearly enough love.  A very interesting OC we would love to learn more about.

Poor Babs didn't fare well in the two entries she appeared in. I really liked the idea of this character being confused and out of place. The author crafted a neat story with a twist. I would be totally interested to see what happened next.

Contest - Comic Cover -Full- by Choco-Hana Contest - Comic Book 2 by Choco-Hana

Though not really within the theme of the contest, it was neat to see Relativity transformed into a "real" comic. Nice work.

Relativity Contest Entry by Avis-Hope

Another entry by the winner of the Runner-Up in the pixel category (no extra points will be awarded for this entry).

Thank You!

We would like to congratulate all of the winners! We'd also like to extend a hearty thank you to all of the contestants. We appreciate your taking time to create for our contest.  We'd also like to thank the many deviants who supported and promoted the contest, as well as those who followed the entries and gave their commentary.

To see the prize list and original contest details, visit this page --- >…

We will be contacting donators as well as winners in the next few days about prizes.  Thank you to everyone who entered!

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silverhammer Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats to the Winners :)
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
That was last contest. The current contest winners are being announced today. :hug:
silverhammer Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooops, now I feel stupid :(
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
No, don't. I actually worried I would confuse people. :ashamed:

silverhammer Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Domisea Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student General Artist
O shi, it ended? Why I remembered that the deadline is somewhere in December :iconsweatdropplz:

Will you make any contests in future where we will be able to use our OCs? xD'' I had and idea an meh.
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
No worries. I had a baby in the middle of the contest and really didn't send out the reminders and pimps I needed to.

We are planning to have another contest in February. This one is tied around Valentine's Day, so is usually a loved-themed contest. But, it will be allow your OC, so hopefully you can join in then.
Domisea Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student General Artist
oh, you're mommy now? Congratulations ^^

Yeah, but my idea wasn't good for Valentine day, probably xD
Mirz123 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Well, we do have a yearly contest, so if you're around next July/August, we'll run it then.
dragondoodle Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats to everyone! You got a lot of awesome entries and I don't envy you having to judge them all :nod:
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