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December 31, 2012


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Should old acquaintance be forgot...

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 8:05 AM

Goodbye 2012

Well, everyone and their brother is doing a New Year's journal. I don't want to overload you any more, so I'm gonna do this quick, then feature a bunch of art (no tl;dr this time).

While I could make a laundry list of what was good/bad about 2012, I decided to narrow it to 3.  Feel free to post your 3 best moments in the comments (or link your own New Years journal).

1. After thinking we were done, a surprise pregnancy and baby. What an amazing gift and such a bright spot in the very stormy clouds that darkened 2012 for me.

2. Writing. This was the year I truly re-discovered my love and the therapeutic qualities of creative writing. Even though I suffered a serious block for many months, I am so excited and proud of what I accomplished storywise. 2012 was a difficult year, but frolicking in the worlds of my imagination was the escapism that truly helped me survive some very scary moments.

3. Friends. I grew close to many people this past year (and sadly apart from a few I desperately miss). Those friendships saved my life, in many senses, and I am forever grateful.

And, while not a real highlight, I'm so happy the drama of December 21st Doomsday has come and gone. Let's shake the dirt of 2012 from our shoes and forge ahead into a better 2013!

Love you all!

Fave Faves of 2012

Honestly, with so many wonderful arts coming through my in-box this past year, I could hardly narrow it down. Here's a collection of a few that caught my eye *again* as I browsed my favorites.

ramen by meago Fetch_cardmaker by FranciscoETCHART Garden of Eden by Sayara-S Lepidoptera 9 by natalievonraven Book of Dragons by railrunnermiranda Book Bear in the Jungle by freakingpurple goodbye by kolyabilan Music lovers by xxida Following the River by aimee5 Bad Hair Day  by Tajii-chan One Glance Is... by DagHagerius Mother of Brains by aegia L-Over by MissC23

Holiday Gifts

:bulletblue: So thankful for those who took the time to make/purchase a little something for me this holiday season.  :heart:

Merry Christmas mirz by Fayerin Melody by NadezhdaVasile Sir ALOISIUS of Brix, the Dark Tempest by nightshade-keyblade Michael By Eniell by mirzjiles Sara by Piccolaria by mirzjiles
Relativity author userbar by Eitvys200 Relativity reader userbar by Eitvys200

:bulletblue: Amazing Secret Santa gift from Royaba! :omfg:

:bulletblue: Awesome #PizzaPixels Secret Santa gift from Astrikos

Relativity Support for Mirz by Astrikos

:bulletblue: Cursor Request from MikariStar

Dark Flame Icon and Cursor by MikariStar Overcast Icon and Cursor by MikariStar Black Torrent Icon and Cursor by MikariStar

If I missed anyone's gift, please remind me and I'll add it. My folders are a mess! LOL!

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Aamarka Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy New Year, sweetheart! Hope it will be a good one for you and your family. Take care, please. :iconchampagneplz:
natalievonraven Jan 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for including my butterfly! :butterfly: :iconblacklovelyheartsplz:
sirocco-rc Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy New Year!:iconhnyplz:
:love: Thank you soooooooo much for including my work in your favs :glomp:

Happy New Year! Hope you have an awesome 2013!
SparklyDest Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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