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November 17, 2012
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Spotlight Features - Vol. 15

Sat Nov 17, 2012, 9:38 AM

A news series featuring art selected by me. There will be a wide range of themes and genres covered. In addition, there will be periodic interviews and artist spotlights.

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Daily Features

On my profile page, I feature a new deviation every day (or two or three). The piece is usually something that caught my eye. Could be an amazing digital painting, a fun stamp, a quick photograph that made me smile, perhaps a piece for a weekly theme, whatever.  However, it moved me enough to share it with my visitors. Below is a list of the artists which I featured during October 2012. I am showcasing different pieces from their gallery in the hope of showing them a bit more love. If you would like to see the original piece I featured of each of these artists, please visit this folder.

:bulletblue: :iconsprits: Sprits

Duck Doodles by Sprits Arttrade: PrincessPeachie by Sprits

:bulletblue: :iconarichy: Arichy

:thumb285991479: Tired by Arichy

:bulletblue: :iconxxida: xxida

Frozen by xxida Pizza Guardians by xxida

:bulletblue: :iconbadluckkitty: BadLuckKitty

Into the light by BadLuckKitty Welcome to Stark Industries by BadLuckKitty

:bulletblue: :icongaberose: GabeRose

:thumb308338731: :thumb320371515:

:bulletblue: :iconim-rem: im-Rem

Gettin my Link on by im-Rem They won't even see it coming by im-Rem

:bulletblue: :iconeternalxrequiem: EternalxRequiem

Goddess and God (2) by EternalxRequiem

:bulletblue: :iconkikimj: KikiMJ

Superman by KikiMJ Fiery Redhead by KikiMJ

:bulletblue: :iconsamusfairchild: SamusFairchild

Queen of Thieves- Remastered by SamusFairchild Art Trade- EclairDuVerite by SamusFairchild

:bulletblue: :iconjustmango: justMANGO

The Tragic Tale of justMANGO by justMANGO Here, and everywhere"And when you leave us," you ask me, "where will we go to find you?"
When I'm gone, I will come back to you in a myriad of things. From my flesh there will be grass, from my bones there will be trees. I will be there in the earth, in the sunshine, in the sea. Countless grains of me will tango with the snowflakes in the wind, mingling with your hair, caressing your skin. The butterfly that grazed your fingertip, that is where I will be. The deer that escaped from the corner of your vision, that too was me. I will be at the edge of the sky and at the corners of the earth. Look, and you will find me here, there, and everywhere.
"But we call out to you," you say, "yet you do not respond."
Hush. Do you hear the swooshing gentle waves? That is my murmur. And the whispering leaves as they sway? That is my calling back to you. My voice may be wordless and I may no longer speak your language, but the sound I make will resonate with the strumming of your heartstrings. Call my name and you will h

:bulletblue: :iconcakejar: cakejar

Cousins by cakejar Batman for Neal by cakejar

:bulletblue: :iconlolanova: Lolanova

Batman T Shirt Dress Up-Cycle by Lolanova Steampunk Goggle Clock Mini Ha by Lolanova

:bulletblue: :iconcantieuhy: cantieuhy

dog-cat sing a duet by cantieuhy Rosa canina by cantieuhy

:bulletblue: :iconkaren-toon: Karen-Toon

Skull Kid by Karen-Toon Princes Peach with Pocky by Karen-Toon

:bulletblue: :iconadmx: admx

Colonel Half Moustache by admx MyBurningEyes by admx

:bulletblue: :iconpapercutillustration: PaperCutIllustration

Ephesians Six Twelve by PaperCutIllustration Fellowship of the Ring by PaperCutIllustration

:bulletblue: :icondjcoulz: DJCoulz

Tuckered out by DJCoulz Andrew Jackson Speed Paint by DJCoulz

:bulletblue: :iconaemiliuslives: aemiliuslives

Into the Mist V by aemiliuslives Maleficent by aemiliuslives

:bulletblue: :iconmandiemanzano: mandiemanzano

The Blue Fairy by mandiemanzano The Doctor by mandiemanzano

:bulletblue: :iconalais-photography: alais-photography

sundance. by alais-photography wonderland. by alais-photography

:bulletblue: :iconeventrue: EVentrue

:thumb277395431: .:The Girl In The Rain:. by EVentrue

:bulletblue: :iconjohnnyism: johnnyism

Oh Batmannn PSC by johnnyism Speed Buggy sketch card by johnnyism

:bulletblue: :iconchuchy5: Chuchy5

Kingdom Hearts lips by Chuchy5 Poison Ivy by Chuchy5

:bulletblue: :icondaekazu: daekazu

Batman, Maleficent and Loki by daekazu Silent Prayer by daekazu

Spotlight Interview

In this series, I hope to introduce the community to some artists who have been around dA for a while, but are still relativity unknown. The interviews are meant to be short and sweet. I encourage you to check out the artist's full gallery and add them to your devWatch.

:iconniraven: -- This issue, we talk to digital artist, Niraven

:bulletwhite: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your dA life? (You can use this question to plug any groups or off-dA projects you may have.)

I'm Niraven, aka Tawny to some. I'm a self-taught artist and joined dA 5 years ago. I'm not actively involved in any major clubs or so, but over the years I've built up a nice little network here and visit almost everyday.

:bulletwhite: What would you say your main artform is? Secondary?

I'd say my main artform is actually traditional, and my second is digital coloring/painting. I'd call traditional my first because, unknown to many, I actually draw out all my linework by hand and scan it before I color an artwork digitally. As vibrant as the digital artwork is, and even though it's the main featured art form in my gallery, you will find 400x more traditional artwork around my actual workplace.

:bulletwhite: When did you start pursuing your art? What prompted you to?

Art's been a part of my life ever since I was born, and it was something that was recognized, encouraged, and thus pursued from a young age in one form or another. I actually come from a line of traditional painters on both sides of my family. Though there was no pressure to actually pursue art, it's always been a passion of mine. I started working with digital art around 8 years ago and started taking commissions regularly about 4 years ago. Telling me to live a life without creating artwork is like telling me not to breathe.

:bulletwhite: What is your favorite piece in your gallery at the moment?

The Ancient Power by Niraven
This is actually also one of my newest artworks, too. I spent more time on this than any artwork to date and really wanted to bring it to life.

:bulletwhite: In general, what is your favorite thing to create (i.e. fan-art, poetry, etc) ?

Fan art is fun, but my favorite is depicting darker characters and concepts-- whether they're original, fan-made, etc. I like the edginess and it reflects my personality and many of my passions as well.

:bulletwhite: Just for fun question: What is your favorite movie?

Now that's a tough question. If I had to pick one, I'd actually have to pick a handful. My favorites include Wall-E, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, James Cameron's Avatar, Shaun of the Dead, The Addams Family, and The World's Fastest Indian.

:bulletwhite: Time to spread the love. Who are 3 artists you feel could use more love? Tell us why you love them. (please select one piece from each of the artist's gallery and send me the thumb)

:iconikaruga-riku: Siobhan and Shaddai ATC Commission by Ikaruga-Riku
Ikaruga-Riku (alt. account Purgatory-Maren) is an incredibly talented traditional artist I met years ago on a games forum, who became one of my best friends. He mainly does ATC- Artist Trading Card commissions (the originals of which are sent to commissionees), and could use a lot more love. Seeing how fine his detail work is and how much he brings characters to life in person is amazing.

:iconideya-freak: Na'ima by Ideya-Freak
Ideya-Freak is another close friend I met via a games forum originally. I've watched her grow and her art improve so much over the years we've known each other. She's also predominantly a traditional artist who uses colored pencils. Her blending is absolutely incredible.

Another deviant who has become a dear friend of mine. I've watched EsaKris go from basic traditional work to very clean and professional digital work in just a couple years. She could always use more recognition.

:bulletwhite: Final words?
Yes. Go give my friends' pages a look and give them some love and commissions. :D

:bulletwhite: Some of my picks from :devniraven's gallery:

It's in the Blood by Niraven Chibi Faheem by Niraven Tranquil Evenings by Niraven

Themed Feature

A friend and I were talking about designing original characters and the fact that there are only so many hair colors, eye colors, and general appearance traits, that most characters are going to resemble another character somewhere. The character we were specifically discussing has black wavy hair. So, with that on my mind, that's the theme of this weeks search feature.

Aresia - Daughter of Ares by Aurola-Seadevil Ita by zielona-fabryka Secrets by Zephyrenth :thumb305053177: Random art by sakuraGx4nina Bust Salem by kuroitenshi13 Lovely Hair by Bifauxnen Taylor James - OC by Kuromi-Chan77 Mariana by tenemos-churros Keira by StellaWindwalker Practice-0041 by mademanmadman The 3 Daughters of Lucifer by Rabbit-of-the-Moon :thumb252570925: Luck by Unpredictabloo Line Nelini Riddle by Alinex29 Curly Black Hair by Theprettysun I have no title by Schismatic-Epitome Bust Commish - Bartholomew by AnimeDumbass Princess Luciana by xXjannatXx Random Character by juliajm15 :: Curly Haired Slut :: by 4point5 OC Request Corneille by ocelot-girl When everything crumbles by pirin101 America by ThreshTheSky Wind and Curls by KyraShangea Dark Curls by MzMegs Scar by SandraKristin

Special Feature

We're just past the half-way point of NaNoEmo, the emoticon community's November make-a-lot-of-emotes event. You can find out more information through the group gallery at NaNoEmo. Here is a collection of some of the emotes which have been created since the start of the event:

NaNo12.2 - Pinball Wizard by Phlum Week 26: 24 - 30 Jun 12 by happy-gurl Hug Plushie - NaNo9 by Mirz123 NaNoEmo day 1 - NaNoWriMo by icefire8521 NaNoEmo Day 3- BEST. DAY. EVER! by Infinite-Carousel Wheel... Of... Fortune! by EternalxRequiem Run - NaNoEmo - day 9 by Krissi001 :thinkoutside: by a-kid-at-heart :motivate: by Cmotes :likeabaws: by iDJPanda Emote Claddagh - Gold by ChaosEmeraldHunter Day14 - Falling by Fuzzy-Artemis Back from the Dead - NaNoEmo: 1/30 by BlissfullySarcastic NaNoEmo: Day 15 by Snowshi NaNoEmo Day 5 by destroyerofgalaxies NNE12-01: Sour face by Emotikonz Wave by I-is-smart Comput...zzzzzz by IceXDragon Just sittin' and waving. by SnowSniffer :thumb336227316: NaNoEmo Day 1- The cuddly puppy by Lucky-Starrr :thumb335712119: The Date by izzy-the-hedgehog Election 2012 by SleepingInTheShadows NaNoEmo 2012 Done! by SparklyDest Apostrophe Gun by Ravenswd


This section will be used to promote special events and such around dA that are close to my heart, as well as requested pimpage.

:bulletgreen: Maygirl96 is hosting a contest. Draw her OC, along with a DC hero, plus your OC. It's a fun challenge and you can win some neat prizes. See this journal for more details --->…

:bulletgreen: This week on my mirz-alt I launched a new series called "Literary Compass".  It showcases novels and fiction serials with a dA base. Be sure to check it out. Also, I am currently looking for works to feature, so if you have a work of your own, or would like to recommend someone, please drop me a line.…

:bulletgreen: Ninaste is having a holiday portrait sale. Normally $25, you can now get one for $15.  For more information and to order, check out this journal --->…


A nod to the following people and resources which make this article possible:
:bulletblack: Logo graphic by admx
:bulletblack: Section bullets courtesy of Fatcow Hosting
:bulletblack: CSS Skin by Drake1
:bulletblack: Custom journal coding and layout by Ravenswd

Disclaimer: These features are done in the spirit of promoting the art of fellow deviants. Due to time restraints and the volume of art I feature, I cannot specifically ask permission of each artist before featuring. If I have showcased you or one of your pieces and you would prefer I not, please note me and I will be happy to remove it.

This issue the spotlight is on profile featured artists for October 2012, an interview with digital artist *Niraven, a keyword feature centered around black curly-haired OCs, and a special mid-month NaNoEmo feature.
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