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January 13, 2013
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Spotlight Features - Vol. 17

Sun Jan 13, 2013, 1:27 PM

A news series featuring art selected by me. There will be a wide range of themes and genres covered. In addition, there will be periodic interviews and artist spotlights.

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Original Characters

The concept of "original characters" may be a bit foreign to writers, as when you create a piece of literature, in most cases, everyone in the story is an original character. However, with advent of role-playing (in its many various forms), non-writers and writers alike found themselves created characters to use in games and otherwise. Sometimes the characters represent themselves, other times not. The main thing that remains the same is that they are loved and cherished by their creator. And who doesn't love showing off their creations. A while ago, I ran a poll asking my watchers and visitors to share some of their OCs with me.  The range of characters was amazing and I'm happy to feature a good number of them below. To see the original poll, click here --->…

Bday kat? by Kath602 Douglas by Zerg620 Main EC .:Ami:. by Kohaku0827 Ice by IceXDragon EC for Krissi's List: Bugbie by a-kid-at-heart The Geeks .:Nate and Alex:. by Kohaku0827 SparklyDest Support Scroll New by SparklyDest Tox Twins by Toxic-Fox-Girl A Day In The Life Of Peeny by BlissfullySarcastic Syn Emote License by Synfull 2012 Yearbook Entry by spring-sky My story OC - Kamots (remake) by Minakie My story OC - Lakota by Minakie :thumb320188518: .::MarityxDarin::. by Jaycee-the-DJ-girl .::Hello Sunshine::. by Jaycee-the-DJ-girl Artemis Rose drawn by:UnkownWyrlds by Sevslover6195 Livvy By: UnkownWyrlds by Sevslover6195 C: Sailor Mimas by Toto-the-cat Orcus and Mimas Civilian Commission by Heart-of-Amethyst Gift For SugarIsLife28 by SnowSniffer Spyce 2011 by Astralseed Mukti 2011 by Astralseed :thumb198231205: Animal Boy's new suit by 127thlegion DEVIANT UNIVERSE: HEPHAESTUS by 127thlegion Animal Girl DU by 127thlegion Rithiell Gel'feyn by PhaeOBrien Hasar of Ahmiran by PhaeOBrien Daydreaming (coloured) by PhaeOBrien :thumb321995378: click by frillyfins :thumb331348250: Sam by abrilmazziotti Gina by abrilmazziotti Carla by abrilmazziotti White Angel by cillanoodle Adorable by cillanoodle Saphir by V-P-aurore-star Cure Romance by V-P-aurore-star Peace! by V-P-aurore-star AT: MafiaVamp - Dee by Nee-to Request 7. by DaRainbowGurl Commission- MafiaVamp by xPandaMandax My new EC by AppleLora Whut... by misterycai EEnE OC - Diana (WIP Fixing) by misterycai Dani dun kicked some butt by DumonchelleDraws ITS A BIRD, ITS A PLANE by Know-Kname Kafziel, Bubble Swarm by Know-Kname Captain Sybil Portrait by Captain-Savvy Darby's new friend by Captain-Savvy Erias by DF Colored by Captain-Savvy Commish - D and Obe by lythweird New OC Alessia -concept inked- by Nattie-Bug Mafia Hitman -killjoy OC- by Nattie-Bug Rysta Character sheet by girl-n-herhorse Aardrin Character sheet by girl-n-herhorse Yokov Dell Character Sheet by girl-n-herhorse My Story OC - Alura by Minakie Hope by TiaVon new OC Meg by TiaVon Joemum Color by Amybunbun Pearl color by Amybunbun Nah color by Amybunbun Strawberry Witch by MizunoSerenade Nieve WIP by MizunoSerenade BW2 Pokemon Team by MizunoSerenade Lost In Thoughts by Kiky97 Gabriel Frank Ruth by Kiky97 Swordsboy by Kiky97 Profile: Maria by SamusFairchild Overshadowed by SamusFairchild Profile: Lillyan Adisia- Boots by SamusFairchild :thumb107764691: :thumb93496782: :thumb343787240: Yeray by LowRankRaccoon969 Yeray Blank by LowRankRaccoon969 Yeray the first son by LowRankRaccoon969 Main characters Eyes of Mist by Steffel Mar 12 - Anything for Extra Points by Manda-of-the-6 Kiriban - Fire by Shadow-of-Destiny Half Elf OC serious version by E-Ocasio Commission for Eitvys200 by Smoludozerka Storm Breaking by justMANGO :thumb337970001: Enigma-37 profileFull Name - Chassidy Baliegh Leeves
Alias/codename - Enigma-37
Age - (in "Memories")unknown though believed to be in mid to late 20s, In "Hell hath no greater fury" somewhere around mid to late 80's though like Mystique she doesn't look more than forty someodd.
Mutation/ability - Telepathy, shapeshifting, and flight
Physical appearance (build, facial features, hair, eye colour, etc. Picture if neccessary) - Green eyes, red hair, heart shaped face, hourglass figure, slight build, blue skin similar to Mystique's, a large scar running from her right shoulder to her left inner thigh, she also has animalian canines which are very sharp and wings which are pure white
Clothing preference (Fashion style, remember think 60s fashion!! Picture if neccessary) - Anything that doesn't cover her wings up and isn't too tight or too loose
Personality - Is extremely protective of her friends and family. She is more than willing to be a martyr which has gotten her into trouble several times before. She c
OC Character Profile-Leo SolarisOC Character Profile
Name: Leon Solaris, called Leo
Age: 26 years, 7 months
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: United States, mixed Greek, French and Canadian ancestry
Born: Hanoi, Vietnam
Lived: United States, Boston, Massachusetts, studied at university in the UK
Height: 1 metre 70, 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 67 kilos, 147.7 lbs
Build: Average bordering on athletic, trapezius shape (general body shape), short legs but longer torso, broad tapered shoulders
Clothing Style: Enjoys long sleeves and trousers but will wear shorts in hot weather. Dresses somewhat conservatively, without wanting to show off
Accessories: Wristwatch
Unusual Features: Scars from physical bullying as a child, birthmark removal on left shoulder
Hair Colour/Style: Brown
Ryuven's Writen OC Aplication
Written Character Application
(Just to let everyone know and help them not to get confused. Let me tell you that due to some reasons I have found. I have to make an alterated version of "Titan Advance" a Teen Titan's Fan Fiction I made. That means that almost all of my TTOCs information get alterated too. If you still have doubts please leave a comment or send me a note, so I can explain more.)
Name: Ryuven Ikoishy Redblood (Has his father last name "Ikoishy" and his mother last name "Redblood")
Alias: -Doesn't have an alias-
Other Names/Nick Names: His friends call him Ryu. Only the Black Market clerk Carin and his specialist doctor Ikioku call him Redblood. And his enemys that knows his secret call him Ryuken; one of them is Sign (she rarely apears in the alterated version).
Gender: Male
Race: He's a shadow dragoon, but he keep this a secret as he pretends to be human.
Age: Everyone think he's 19 years old due to his apereanse, but his true age remains a secret. (His real age will on
RELATIVITY_Behind the masks by FranciscoETCHART

The Original Characters above belong to (in no specific order): Zerg620 micky260551 Jaycee-the-DJ-girl  Sevslover6195 bloodrose83 sugarislife28 Kohaku0827 Astralseed nightshade-keyblade KiraofTheInternet 127thlegion PhaeOBrien frillyfins abrilmazziotti cillanoodle SparklyDest  B0WT1ES V-P-aurore-star MafiaVamp Toxic-Fox-Girl  AppleLora misterycai TheSpokesman Know-Kname  Captain-Savvy BlissfullySarcastic Kath602 Nattie-Bug dragondoodle Minakie Synfull spring-sky TiaVon a-kid-at-heart Amybunbun MizunoSerenade berry12 Kiky97 SamusFairchild Raph1966 ihateseptictanks LowRankRaccoon969 Steffel Manda-of-the-6 Firey-Flamy IceXDragon E-Ocasio Eitvys200 justMANGO mirz-alt/Ravenswd

Spotlight Interview

In this series, I hope to introduce the community to some artists who have been around dA for a while, but are still relativity unknown. The interviews are meant to be short and sweet. I encourage you to check out the artist's full gallery and add them to your devWatch.

:icongwendolyn12: -- This issue, we talk to traditional artist, Gwendolyn12

:bulletwhite: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your dA life?

Hi!:) I'm Ellen, I'm 17-years old (though I'm close to being 18, in December 12th! Haha. :D) I am brazilian, and I've been a deviant since the beginning of 2009 (almost 4 years by now) and I have to say  dA's changed my life in countless ways. Thanks to it I developed my art in ways I never imagined I ever would (which is now to me a freelance work, through commissions, my choice of university, and the knowledge I got from here also allowed me to get a job in an art store), I found the love of my life, my boyfriend namenotrequired :heart:, besides so many wonderful friends from all over the world!:heart: One day, I'll visit you all guys. You just wait.;)

:bulletwhite: What would you say your main artform is? Secondary?

My main art form is traditional manga (which is what I like working the most with, though I also do digital art but I always adapted a lot better with traditional media)  and my secondary is whatever I feel like working with at the moment, besides manga.:B It can be realism, still life, design - I just like trying new things.:D

:bulletwhite: When did you start pursuing your art? What prompted you to?

After I joined dA. Before that I already did original art, but it was just once in a while - I needed motivation to keep going on and improving. I found that here.:D

:bulletwhite: What is your favorite piece in your gallery at the moment?

I'm not sure about whether it is or not the best piece I did so far, but definitely is my favourite. Specially because it looks exactly like what I had in mind. That's quite rare to happen. :B

Comm.: Shinmunafosun by Gwendolyn12

:bulletwhite: In general, what is your favorite thing to create (i.e. fan-art, poetry, etc) ?

Again, it depends on my mood. I do prefer original art most of the time, but sometimes I get tired of that and I want to do something else. I really love drawing and watching fanart, but I rarely do it for several reasons, including the fact I don't like having to stay faithful to the original design of the character, I want to create too much over it:B and sometimes I can't make them look like they are. Some people have a real talent to draw fanart in their own style and still make it beautifully original, but I seem to lack this ability :B but perhaps one day I will manage to do so. I absolutely love the expression of characters and scenes from series, movies, books, etc, being re-created according to the artist's own exclusive point of view, hence why I still insist on trying doing fanart myself.

Some other times, I'm drawn to realism and photography. I specially love captures of special moments in daily life - I also have a desire to one day make an art project of my own related to that, capturing faces of random people that attract me for some reason and painting them. It just seems to me a lot more interesting painting random people than celebrities for example, which is something so many people seem to do...

:bulletwhite: Just for fun question: What is your favorite movie?

Oh heck, that's a tough question:noes: I don't have a single favourite, but perhaps  I could say 5 Centimeters Per Second :heart:  it makes me cry everytime I watch it.

:bulletwhite: Time to spread the love. Who are 3 artists you feel could use more love? Tell us why you love them.

serafleur. I love her blooming style, and her art definitely deserves more love:D I haven't talked to her much yet, but I do watch her and she's always so kind:D

White Swan by serafleur

c85. I probably watch him ever since I joined dA, and I could never get over how incredible his pencil works are. I haven't yet found on dA an artist with a similar work, nor I think I will - his work is unique, the recurrent combination of brides, complex arquiteture, flowers and guns is gorgeous. I'm happy to have suggested both his DD's: D

Why do you love me? by c85

TGA-Tsurugi. Another blooming artist I've been watching for years:D I follow his art almost since the beginning, and it was always impressive for me to see such talent at such young age. I can hardly believe he's as old as me, his work is astounding!:faint: I've always seem in him an artist with a wonderful future, hence why I totally recommend his work.:D

Indigo Sunday by TGA-Tsurugi

:bulletwhite: Final words?

Thank you so much for the opportunity, Mirz!:huggle: And I hope you guys like it. I love you all.:D:heart:

:bulletwhite: Some of my picks from Gwendolyn12's gallery:

Ancient Hometown by Gwendolyn12 The Artist by Gwendolyn12 Lovely Gate by Gwendolyn12

Themed Feature

With the recent seniority annoucement made on deviantART, I thought a "seniors" feature was appropriate. I have to tell you, I do a lot of these features, but this was one of my favorites. I loved seeing these faces and imagining all the stories they have to tell. Just lovely.

The old man... by shapsigramazan Relationship by Alyaree Grampa by Akemisatya The Old Farmwoman by joebbowers Gramma by Moonllita her hands by bYblAcKarRow grandparents by snitch-was-here Strong Legs Caricature 010813 by raccoon-eyes Charlie's Grandparents by Madame-Kikue El Grampa by CesarHuerta Smarmy old men by Zieberich Old Man by eemran gramma by KTKAT8U Old Man by Tadakatsukaw The Old Man by helloheath Old person by pietro-ant Gramma by koshplappit :thumb347811227: Grampa Bill by silverbullet1989 the old woman by Shingo-San Pencil Vs Camera - 51 by BenHeine :thumb345986959: My Grampa by roadkillblues Gramma by heybay101 OLD MAN 3 by ma77eo My great-grandparents by Mana-ghostwolf


This section will be used to promote special events and such around dA that are close to my heart, as well as requested pimpage.

:bulletgreen: As mentioned above, the January 2013 Seniority Announcement was made today. Seniors are selected after nomination by members of dA for their outstanding contributions to the community, be it through articles, support, art, volunteering, or other efforts.  Be sure to check out the list and go and congratulate the newest members of this select group. Also, a big shout-out to my own husband and assistant here at dA, Ravenswd for receiving his tick.…

To learn a bit more about the seniors and see some of their art, check out this article by newly seniored deviant Astrikos --->…

:bulletgreen: Someone once said there is a wiki for everything. Well, that is now true for deviantART. Eitvys200 has started a wiki dedicated to this site. It features deviants, groups, pages, projects etc. A great way to find out about the various aspects of dA in one place. Be sure to check it out, as well as visit Eitvys200 page for more helpful stuff!…

:bulletgreen: There are a variety of contests going on in the emoticon community. Krissi001 has collected them in a recent journal. Be sure to take a gander and see if there is one that tickles your fancy!…

:bulletgreen: Ever want to know what is going on in the Lit Community? TONS!  The best place to find out is "Love dA Lit". The weekly feature showcases everything and anything you need to know about the Lit community, as well as linking to groups and deviants you should be watching to stay in the literary loop. Check out the lastest edition and be sure to add IrrevocableFate to you devWatch.…


A nod to the following people and resources which make this article possible:
:bulletblack: Logo graphic by admx
:bulletblack: Section bullets courtesy of Fatcow Hosting
:bulletblack: CSS Skin by Drake1
:bulletblack: Custom journal coding and layout by Ravenswd

Disclaimer: These features are done in the spirit of promoting the art of fellow deviants. Due to time restraints and the volume of art I feature, I cannot specifically ask permission of each artist before featuring. If I have showcased you or one of your pieces and you would prefer I not, please note me and I will be happy to remove it.

Special "original characters" spotlight, interview with `Gwendolyn12, seniors features, as well as news and goings on around the site.
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