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October 6, 2012
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Spotlight Features - Volume 10

Sat Oct 6, 2012, 7:45 AM

A news series featuring art selected by me. There will be a wide range of themes and genres covered. In addition, there will be periodic interviews and artist spotlights.

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Daily Features

On my profile page, I feature a new deviation every day (or two or three). The piece is usually something that caught my eye. Could be an amazing digital painting, a fun stamp, a quick photograph that made me smile, perhaps a piece for a weekly theme, whatever.  However, it moved me enough to share it with my visitors. Below is a list of the artists which I featured during July 2012. I am showcasing different pieces from their gallery in the hope of showing them a bit more love. If you would like to see the original piece I featured of each of these artists, please visit this folder.

:bulletblue: :iconoblivialice: Oblivialice

Through His Eyes by Oblivialice Black Swan by Oblivialice

:bulletblue: :iconmary-vassilieva: mary-vassilieva

David Garrett by mary-vassilieva Ginny Weasley by mary-vassilieva

:bulletblue: :iconlineith: Lineith

Commission 26 - Vassi and Maria by Lineith Something about you by Lineith

:bulletblue: :iconthreshthesky: ThreshTheSky

Tangled: Rapunzel and Eugene by ThreshTheSky The Hobbit: Thorin Oakenshield by ThreshTheSky

:bulletblue: :iconmoonchildinthesky: MoonchildinTheSky

I'll heal you by MoonchildinTheSky Child Jessie by MoonchildinTheSky

:bulletblue: :iconalazada9855: alazada9855

Woman 2 by alazada9855 Escaping by alazada9855

:bulletblue: :iconrotodisk: RotoDisk

-You Look So Divine- by RotoDisk

:bulletblue: :iconxxghost250xx: xxghost250xx

Talking to the moon by xxghost250xx Id by xxghost250xx

:bulletblue: :icontuxedos: tuxedos

red ledger by tuxedos the boy who lived by tuxedos

:bulletblue: :icondedehelmy: DeDehelmy

:thumb321537597: :thumb298922447:

:bulletblue: :iconaliuh: Aliuh

Through the Ancient Trees - Old by Aliuh One Small Mistake by Aliuh

:bulletblue: :iconsophibelle: Sophibelle

Kawaii Couch by Sophibelle

:bulletblue: :icondarkmello: darkmello

+Autumn Sonata Art Trade+ by darkmello Night Escape by darkmello

:bulletblue: :iconnima-justin: Nima-Justin

Spring Champ by Nima-Justin Glory Dye by Nima-Justin

:bulletblue: :iconffey: Ffey

Towers and tree by Ffey Svetlonos by Ffey

:bulletblue: :iconaliciabel: AliciaBel

Tiana and the frog by AliciaBel La rosa by AliciaBel

:bulletblue: :iconendave: endave

Witchcraft Studies by endave Courage by endave

:bulletblue: :icondameodessa: DameOdessa

A sunny afternoon by DameOdessa

:bulletblue: :iconrennee: Rennee

Gears of war by Rennee green lantern-doritos by Rennee

:bulletblue: :iconironland: ironland

monkey rescue the moon 3 by ironland perception / smell by ironland

:bulletblue: :iconzeamay: Zeamay

Tiger crown by Zeamay 041: Victorian by Zeamay

:bulletblue: :iconlilibz: lilibz

mon bebe cheri by lilibz twinkie's epic yarn by lilibz

:bulletblue: :iconjane-beata: jane-beata

Intimacy by jane-beata When the rain washes you clean, you'll know. by jane-beata

:bulletblue: :iconsparklydest: SparklyDest

Gothic Pixel Font by SparklyDest Emote Zombie Pack by SparklyDest

:bulletblue: :icontengari: tengari

wonder woman by tengari hunchback of notredame by tengari

:bulletblue: :iconsionra: sionra

His little tiger cub by sionra Black hole inside me by sionra

:bulletblue: :iconninawesth: ninawesth

:thumb316542242: Claire by ninawesth

:bulletblue: :iconvossy: Vossy

Avril by Vossy Lisa Jones by Vossy

:bulletblue: :iconkannonkosplay: KannonKosplay

Jill Valentine by KannonKosplay The White Witch by KannonKosplay

Spotlight Interview

In this series, I hope to introduce the community to some artists who have been around dA for a while, but are still relativity unknown. The interviews are meant to be short and sweet. I encourage you to check out the artist's full gallery and add them to your devWatch.

:iconcappippuni: -- This issue, we talk to digital artist, Cappippuni

:bulletwhite: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your dA life? (You can use this question to plug any groups or off-dA projects you may have.)

Hi everyone! I am Cappippuni , 21 years-old living in France and being a member on deviantART since around mid-2009 (more exactly, I've registered my account here a year before but I don't used it during this time. Don't know why...).

At the moment I discovered this place, I felt quickly addicted and in love of this website and especially of his awesome community where I had the chance to know amazing friends. ?

:bulletwhite: What would you say your main artform is? Secondary?

I'm mainly focused on vector art, also tried some digital painting in the past and sometimes making some stuff for desktop customizations –visual styles and icon sets- for fun.

:bulletwhite: When did you start pursuing your art? What prompted you to?

I really loved to draw since my childhood (often loved to draw Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck, huge fan of these comics when I was younger!).
Few years later in my teen years I drew more rarely (long “art block” time! Otherwise I sometimes made some chibis characters and little animals) until I discovered an increasing interest in art after being more active on deviantART, especially by children's illustrations and minimalist art.
Now I’m completely addicted to this universe! :dummy:

:bulletwhite: What is your favorite piece in your gallery at the moment?

Meet Robin the Sea Cat by Cappippuni

I love cats! And bunnies! Oh! And pirates over ninjas! :eyes:
Hey kids! Remember, pirates are the ninjas of the seas!

:bulletwhite: In general, what is your favorite thing to create (i.e. fan-art, poetry, etc) ?

I really enjoy to create happy little characters and their universe, awaking the imagination and dreams of our inner children at heart. ^________^

This is always lots of fun for me when I create imaginary stories I had in mind in a visual medium, a good way to bring optimism and more happiness for making our world a better place to be.

Reading the story books of our childhood is still magical and always bring me a huge smile!

:bulletwhite: Just for fun question: What is your favorite fandom?

The ‘Harry Potter’ saga! I spent full nights to read each books from the beginning to the end without sleeping (with a lamplight under the blanket so my mum couldn't see me reading at 4AM!)... and falling asleep at school due to lack of rest! :lol:

I also really like ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Flapjack’.

:bulletwhite: Time to spread the love. Who are 3 artists you feel could use more love?
Le gasp! :iconlagaspplz:

That's a complex question! I love so much the works of many artists that choosing only 3 is so difficult!

I would say :iconraindropmemory: :iconlulithebunny::iconatpalicis:.
I’m a huge fan of their artworks!!

Skytrain to Joyous Mind Station by RaindropmemoryOrigami XOXO - Spot Illustration II by LuliTheBunny

:bulletwhite: Final words?

Thank you!

:bulletwhite: Some of my picks from Cappippuni's gallery:

Miss Coccinelle by Cappippuni Colorful Morning Icon Set by Cappippuni

Themed Feature

I had the fun of designing a clown character recently. As I looked for inspiration, I found so many different takes on the theme on dA.  With that in mind, I'm doing a (mostly) friendly feature focusing on the keyword "clown.".

Sleepy Clown by mrscriblam Clown by Gotelka Everybody Loves a Clown by stepupchik Douche Clown by jusscope Shaco Tower by Zeronoux Elsa the Clown by CutieJenna DGM: Just a Clown by darkotter Proud to be a clown by KellerAC Clown Ferret by natamon clown.... by paulee1 The Cat and the Clown by Enasni-V The young Clown frog by AngiWallace Cute Clown by princessmoony A Clown Out of Context by TheSteveYurko Clown by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro Clown fish by MessicanRooster Clown by dalcat The CLown by pigologist Clown by zoomzoom Transplant by PhotoPhagia

Special Feature

Recently, I have been talking to a lot of people about the dynamics and importance of online communities and sub-communities, like the ones that exist here on deviantART. As a person with few friends in-real-life, I relish the friends and circles I have formed online. With that in mind, I'm featuring a small spotlight on various works featuring "community."

The Neglected Importance of the Online CommunityWhat is the Worldwide Online Community?
The Worldwide Online Community is simply a group of people from a wide variety of countries and continents who come together to share their skills, experience, and/or love for a subject. Online communities are a fairly new faction and are not fully understood, their importance is neglected and may not reach their full potential until the next generation incorporates them more and more. It wasn't until the '90s that the Internet or World Wide Web really became a part of the culture, but in less then 20 years its impact has changed society from top to bottom. 
In order to really delve into the importance of the worldwide online community, one must first define what it is. There are hundreds of different definitions of what an online community is, but this statement is generally accepted throughout these definitions.
Worldwide online communities are groups of people who join together on the Internet with a common int
  CommunityCommunities are groups of people with something in common. There’s the scientific community, the Asian community, the gay and Lesbian community, the Jewish community, the disabled community, the vegetarian community, the church community, the sex without partners community and on and on. You can declare yourself as part of a community or wait for others to declare you as part of a community. It will happen.
I'm a photographer, so does that include me in the photographer community? I imagine there is also the digital artist community, literature community so on and so forth. In the end are we not just part of the larger community of artists?
Perhaps this attraction to community is simply about our need to belong. If so, how do you explain hermits? Okay, hermits are the exceptions. But if communities are about people with something in common, then hermits constitute a community. Imagine their meeting announcement. “Hermit community meeting. Tonight at eight. Don’t come.
How to Treat People on DA by KyraShangea

This is my Community by GoldenHeart3 Best of Friends - Community by Indae We all heart dA by HananeMOUJAHID

dA Community Emote by Mirz123 H.A.N.D stamp + info by Synfull deviantART community by Branchewski Community Stamp by pjuk

Please no negative comments about community here in this article. This is a positive feature and any negative or debate-oriented comments will not be answered and will be hidden.


This section will be used to promote special events and such around dA that are close to my heart, as well as requested pimpage.

:bulletgreen: Pimping out my own contest here that has 2 weeks to go! The theme is your OC as a superhero or villain in the Relativity universe. Not a lot of entries (no lit yet) and some great prizes, so take a gander and see if you can whip up something!  More information can be found here --->…


A nod to the following people and resources which make this article possible:
:bulletblack: Logo graphic by admx
:bulletblack: Section bullets courtesy of Fatcow Hosting
:bulletblack: CSS Skin by Drake1
:bulletblack: Custom journal coding and layout by Ravenswd

This edition showcases Daily Feature artists from July 2012, interview with ~Cappippuni, art featuring "clowns", and a special community-centered feature.
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