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Spotlight Features - Volume 14

Sun Nov 11, 2012, 10:07 AM

A news series featuring art selected by me. There will be a wide range of themes and genres covered. In addition, there will be periodic interviews and artist spotlights.

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Poll Features

It is widely known that many famous artists, composer, and authors have had the frustration of having a work they felt was sub-par gain huge popularity while pieces they worked harder on and adore sat un-noticed.  This is the same for everyday deviants. I recently ran a poll asking for deviants to share with me their thoughts on this and share their own art. Here is Part 2 of the answers--the first piece being the most faved and the second being the one they wished had more love. To see the original poll, click here.

:bulletblue: :iconleafbreeze7: Leafbreeze7

The Assassin by Leafbreeze7 Quiet in the Forest by Leafbreeze7

:bulletblue: :iconastralseed: Astralseed

Mature Content

Pissing by Astralseed
Dream 2011 by Astralseed

:bulletblue: :iconfuzzy-artemis: Fuzzy-Artemis

Flip by Fuzzy-Artemis Christmas Shee by Fuzzy-Artemis

:bulletblue: :iconemmyisazebra: EmmyIsAZebra

:thumb179940907: :thumb202234334:

:bulletblue: :iconalazada9855: alazada9855

More Different Ones by alazada9855 Passion flower and bee by alazada9855

:bulletblue: :iconhoneyshuckle: HoneyShuckle

Loftwings like to eat heads by HoneyShuckle Lab rats by HoneyShuckle

:bulletblue: :iconnightshade-keyblade: nightshade-keyblade

A Gift for Aerith Gainsborough
When the school gates finally opened, crowds of keyed up teens stormed out into the snow, animated at last by the prospect of being free for the winter holidays. Nothing could stop them from building snowmen, rolling snowballs down the hill to watch them grow, and laying down to make snow angels. Not to mention having massive snowball fights. Before long, hordes of students were forming groups, pelting each other with snowballs, and the park near the school was filled with howls of delight. They were going to be there till the cows came home, possibly even longer.
But for Cloud Strife, he was happy for a different reason. Christmas was only two days away, which was plenty of time for him to get that sculpture he saw in Barrett Wallace's pottery shop. It was an intricate clay sculpture of an angel, with her hands clasped in front of her chest and her wings spread out from behind her. He had his eye on it for quite some time, since he knew exactly who to give it to.
Aerith Gainsborough,
A Thousand SummersMy weary eyes behold Mary, cradling me to sweet serenity
As I dream, Isolde's head lies on my shoulder, breath warm on my neck
And though I see her not, hear her not, I'm not afraid
Her light unfetters my courage time and again.
I err wide awake in this forlorn winter.
Despairing, I lose my footing.
The warmth of her adoring embrace is the sweetest medicine
For the fear that has frozen my soul.
Her love is an oasis at the edge of sorrow's desert
Not a mirage deceiving the stricken fool.
The world may tremble, the sky may tumble
But she will always endure.
A woman's kiss is worth a thousand summers
And a mouthful of water from the river Kawthar
I will not hesitate to collect one more scar in my heart
A risk worth taking until I find the True One.

:bulletblue: :iconsparklyshuichi42: Sparklyshuichi42

:thumb175125517: :thumb183599419:

:bulletblue: :iconblissfullysarcastic: BlissfullySarcastic

Fav Whore by BlissfullySarcastic Rainbowmotes: Animated Emote Pack by BlissfullySarcastic

:bulletblue: :iconcatluvr2: catluvr2

Delivering the mail by catluvr2 snobbish by catluvr2

:bulletblue: :iconeitvys200: Eitvys200

:bulletblue: :iconhello-mango: hello-mango

SS: Santa's Little Helper by hello-mango C R E A T E by hello-mango

:bulletblue: :iconcaseyjewels: CaseyJewels

NaNoWriMo 2011 Stamp by CaseyJewels A Little Bit of Right"Nothing new since you left twenty minutes ago. I'm sorry."
The voice played like a message recording, and without a word Will snapped the phone shut. He kicked the door open with his foot as he shifted his papers and briefcase around, and then he stepped inside the house. Immediately the tired cop was bombarded by his six-year-old son. The young, brown-haired child wrapped his arms tightly around his father's legs and then looked up with his matching brown eyes, which were filled with uncertainty and with questions. Will looked down at the child, and it was almost as if he was looking into a mirror of the past. Only, his life had been easy, while Chance's was anything but. His entire family was hurting right now, and he was hurting, but all he could do was give a slight shake of his head to answer the unspoken questions, and that was what hurt most of all.
Chance's gaze dropped slightly, but then the child forced a smile onto his face and moved forward, out of the small entry and into

:bulletblue: :iconraph1966: Raph1966

They're NOT TRASH stamp by Raph1966 Raph the Snow Centaur colored by Raph1966

:bulletblue: :icongold-ringed-eyes: Gold-Ringed-Eyes

Desert Houndoom Trio by Gold-Ringed-Eyes Roto by Gold-Ringed-Eyes

:bulletblue: :iconyobuko: Yobuko

:thumb308777684: :thumb309022711:

:bulletblue: :iconsteffel: Steffel

Springtime in Prox by Steffel Eyes of Mist 5Chapter 5 – Dark Journey
Ayala had lost all sense of time. Had they been going for minutes, hours, days? It seemed like an eternity.
She considered switching her bundle from her left to the right but she had already strained her right arm when she had tried clearing the entrance and she feared the wound might open after all. She blinked tiredly and almost walked into the wall that had risen suddenly in front of her. Stumbling she came to a halt.
The Shakaree – Jorcan she reminded herself – stepped up next to her and into the light of the torch. She realized that this was not a wall, but a massive stone gate. Hesitantly she put her bundle down, placed both hands on the gate, drew in a deep breath and pushed.
With just a sliver of resistance the gate swung open and Ayala staggered forwards. She just barely managed to regain her footing but behind her she heard Jorcan give an amused snort. Trying to conceal her embarrassment she reached for her bu

:bulletblue: :iconladybrookecelebwen: LadyBrookeCelebwen

Noldor Error by LadyBrookeCelebwen No"Irisse!", spinning around, she looked for who was shouting. Finally, just as she was about to give up, something jumped out of the ceiling and appeared in front of her.
"Arakano! At least you're here with me – tell me, where are the rest?" Arakano's smile slipped a little bit, before returning in full force. It was the same smile that he had given her so many times when they had lived, right before he tried to cover up some new disaster.
He laughed, "The rest of who? Surely, little, news reached even you that Father, Findekano, and our cousins were still alive."
She went to punch him in the chest, but he sprung back, "Uncle and Ambarto of course. Where are they?"
This time, his smile slipped off his face and didn't return. "Irisse – surely, you have better things to do than wonder where they are?"
"Where are they?" she demanded, "Where has Namo placed them? Arakano, this isn't funny."
"Irisse, you know the oath they swore. Why would you think that they would be here? Eternal

:bulletblue: :iconfridasort: FridaSort

Broken Rose Petals by FridaSort Saving Ourselves by FridaSort

:bulletblue: :icongwendolyn12: Gwendolyn12

I Choose Life by Gwendolyn12 Forest Of No Return by Gwendolyn12

:bulletblue: :icongemastarlight: GemaStarlight

Pets at Hogwarts by GemaStarlight Chibi Layla by GemaStarlight

:bulletblue: :iconrawritzkat: RAWRItzKat

KittyNyaNya15 Contest Entry by RAWRItzKat Beehive67 Contest Entry by RAWRItzKat

:bulletblue: :icondrawing-stars-02: Drawing-Stars-02

Bubble Wraps :D by Drawing-Stars-02 S*M*A*R*T by Drawing-Stars-02

:bulletblue: :iconkurosaki224: Kurosaki224

SolitudeI prefer to see, but not be seen.
I prefer to hear, but not be heard,
As I hide in the shadows, waiting, for what?
The few who notice my presence are unnerved.
I am a chameleon, my skin ever changing,
Adapting to conceal my true identity.
Who I am now is only shallow, skin deep.
My soul, hidden well, is a mysterious entity.
My eyes, cold, look out at the world.
I see everything, but nothing sees me.
I am merely an observer, tasked with keeping watch.
I am safe in my solitude, and that's how I like it to be.
Eragon Cover Sketch - Saphira by Kurosaki224

:bulletblue: :iconfurana: Furana

Here Comes Rosy - Redo by Furana Blatz the Fox - Ref by Furana

:bulletblue: :icontiavon: TiaVon

Toph Bei Fong. by TiaVon The Spirit of.. by TiaVon

:bulletblue: :iconchasingshadowsphoto: ChasingShadowsPhoto

Ezio by ChasingShadowsPhoto Pathway of Peace by ChasingShadowsPhoto

:bulletblue: :iconcamdissa: Camdissa

:thumb283135447: :thumb273539214:

:bulletblue: :iconravenswd: Ravenswd

Escape Pod by Ravenswd The Paupers Who Saw the World   It was fifty feet tall, and appeared to be made entirely out of smoke. When it spoke, it was with a voice of thunder. "You will bring me the Minotaurs of Doom," it said.
   The two humans standing before it had heard this before. The smoke-creature had made the same demand earlier. "I already told you," shouted one of the humans. "One of the Minotaurs disappeared twenty-five years ago. The other one alone won't do you any good!"
   "You two are time-travellers. Yes, I know these things. You will fetch both Minotaurs and bring them to me."
   "What happens if we don't?"
   "I have extended my... I do not know the word in English."
   "Arms?" asked one of the humans.
   "Tentacles?" suggested the other.
   "No!" shouted the smoke-creature, lightning flashing angrily within it.
   "Lightning! I have extended my lightning a

:bulletblue: :icondully101: dully101

Minecraft Mangekyou Sharingan by dully101 ninja with double swords by dully101

:bulletblue: :iconpeppermint334: Peppermint334

Featherfall by Peppermint334 Fish in the Sky by Peppermint334

:bulletblue: :iconfreakingpurple: freakingpurple

Book Bear in the Jungle by freakingpurple Flower 3 by freakingpurple

:bulletblue: :iconmr-confused: Mr-Confused

Mature Content

Mature Content

:bulletblue: :iconjaona: Jaona

You're finally mine by Jaona Chaos God Xom by Jaona

:bulletblue: :iconhorizonred: horizonred

Up in smoke by horizonred Peace... by horizonred

:bulletblue: :iconsnowsniffer: SnowSniffer

Normal People Scare Me by SnowSniffer Walking by SnowSniffer

And adding my own, because I can...

True Friends Stab Front by mirz333 Secrets - A Dark Flame Story   Some say Gale City is the worst place to live in the whole United States. I've been living here since I was two years old. Considering I'm ten now, I guess that's not a long time, but eight years is usually long enough to get to know a place. Before I was placed in Gale—and I can really remember that far back—I used to live in Chicago. My mom and stepdad and four sisters lived in a two bedroom apartment in the projects. It was clean and we had food to eat. The problem was that dad always needed money to pay for the "junk." Back then, I never understood why anyone would want to buy garbage. I now know that junk doesn't mean trash, but it is garbage, and people pay through the nose for it.
   Maybe you're wondering how a kid can know so much. Well, in Gale you learn to know or you end up doing something bad—and ten years old is too young to die. I've always picked up things fast, and I don't even watch t.v. that much. Bobby Brali and me

Spotlight Interview

In this series, I hope to introduce the community to some artists who have been around dA for a while. Some are known, some are still relativity unknown. The interviews are meant to be short and sweet. I encourage you to check out the artist's full gallery and add them to your devWatch.

:iconaliciabel: -- This issue, we talk to digital artist, AliciaBel

:bulletwhite: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your dA life?

Hello, My name is Alicia. Professionally, I design characters for scrapbooking stamps. I met DeviantArt through a Photoshop's forum which I participated in it. I think DeviantArt is a great place to see the work of other artists and also to be known and find career opportunities.

:bulletwhite: What would you say your main artform is? Secondary?

Normally  I draw my own characters, in a sweet, childlike style, but sometimes I draw sexy girls. I also paint realistic digital portraits.

:bulletwhite: When did you start pursuing your art? What prompted you to?

Since I was a child I liked to draw. I drew much all the time, even at school filled my books with portraits of the other girls and teachers. In my house, joke with me because they say that when I explain something, always I make the pic, so that they understand better what I explain it.

:bulletwhite: What is your favorite piece in your gallery at the moment?

Tiana and the frog. It is expressive, very sweet and friendly. It resembles the original character, but not much.

Tiana and the frog by AliciaBel

:bulletwhite: In general, what is your favorite thing to create (i.e. fan-art, poetry, etc) ?

What I like most, is to draw girls, and then, animals and children. I love to draw with pencil and paint with Photoshop. Someday I would like to illustrate a children's tale. For inspiration, I have got lots of picture books: from pin-ups, manga, storybooks and coloring, fashion magazines and I also search images online.

:bulletwhite: Just for fun question: What is your favorite movie?

There are many and it's hard to choose but I prefer James Cameron's Avatar.

:bulletwhite: Time to spread the love. Who are 3 artists you feel could use more love? Tell us why you love them.

:iconimaginism: Ant Parade by imaginism

:icontooshtoosh: Shangagel Boogie by Tooshtoosh
:iconkawiku: :thumb282825742:

:bulletwhite: Final words?

Thank you very much to: Mirz123/mirz333 to make me the interview, and all of you to read it. If you come to see my gallery you'll make me feel very happy.

:bulletwhite: Some of my picks from AliciaBel's gallery:

So blonde by AliciaBel The Oblivion's trip by AliciaBel Christmas Tangled by AliciaBel

Themed Feature

Seems that I have been talking to several people about keys lately. In particular a certain key that no one seems to know if it exists and/or who possesses it. Very mysterious, indeed! LOL! However, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to do a feature around the theme of "keys."

Pink Rose by 123thuraya Appaloli: Lock and Key mint medium Crochet Bow by Appaloli Key To Happiness by ButterflyGiraffe Alice II by NRichey Troll blade (key blade) by SoulessStranger com: Tobias and Jacobin key chain by roseannepage Sunny Side Up Plush by P-isfor-Plushes Tiny Top Hat: Punk Rocker 2.0 W/ Full Back Veil by TinyTopHats The Pianist by arhcamt Alice in pinkerland by Doucesse Key and Cog Silver and Blue Chain Earrings by merigreenleaf Prison Break by Scellanis Key Lime Pie by SkuttyWan The Key To Your Heart Is In My Hands. by MochiMochix3 Special Key by enstillfear Guardian Key by KeypersCove You found a key!-Jewelry by Destinyfall Kingdom Key duet 2 by vvmasterdrfan Key to the City by tutuzi22 But where is the key? by Cynadeisum :thumb336819683: love is the  key beauty of nature by analovecatdog The key by Gigicom Key To The Birdcages by Caraya hammer skeleton key by xXtimeless-stockXx The KeyThere's a key that I've hidden away.
Beneath the trinkets and lace.
I've kept it buried deep.
In hopes no one will find it's hiding place.
It holds treasure.
That's rarely been touched.
I've kept it hidden.
It's been shattered enough.
If by some unusual miracle.
You stumble by it's place of rest.
Hold it safely in your hands.
And never let it go.
:thumb334474657: Key of Protection Necklace by jokersdraw :thumb332099378: Version 2 Boss Key Pixel Keychain by Pixelosis :thumb334386203: :thumb336817416: Inked girls - Key by xposedotnet Key West building by DreamsWithinMe Decadance by ChiBi-Von-Uber-Kuhl

Watcher Feature

I adore my watchers. As a small thank-you I will be doing a periodic feature on some of the watchers of my Mirz123 and mirz333 accounts. The watchers will be chosen randomly.  Please visit their pages and show them some love.

:bulletblue: :iconofonesoul: OfOneSoul

I Live and I Write by OfOneSoul :thumb176714732: Submerged in Swan LakeSwans and wings are floating by
on a breeze imbued with jasmine and
willows outstretching their arms in welcome.
Through deep breaths he arrives
plunged in murky, pungent water.
A quiet whisper, and he prays -
"Please... may I linger here?"
Willows lower their arms
and jasmine falls to the Earth
where the wind dies and finally rests.  
The crows are cawing hymns,
begging to be swans.
But only the duck submerged in Swan Lake
has delved the desired shore.
Its waters dangerous and plagued
by monsters baring their teeth;
most ghastly and putrid they are
that no crow may ripple its surface
nor any songbird seeking beauty fair.
The Swan Maidens bare their chests
and open their wings in veneration -
for the duck has sought beauty through courage
and earned his guise of grace and virtue.

:bulletblue: :iconlion-heart-mlt: Lion-Heart-MLT

:bulletblue: :iconjsaren: Jsaren

Whisper by Jsaren Brown-Eyed Girl by Jsaren Mirror, MirrorI had a dream where I was you
And cried to find it was not true.
So real, but things I'd never seen;
I could feel the roses of my reverie.
The wings of silk upon my back
Spread sweet dreams with every flap,
And the soft words he spoke to me
Were all I'd ever wanted to be.
With flowers braided in my hair,
I was one of the creatures there:
A voice that sang like glassy ice,
And happiness that had no price.
But that stolen life of evergreen,
It could not last, no, not for me.
The salty breeze from golden sands
Pushed me back into the waking lands,
Forced me back into the lonely night
Without, without his lovely eyes.

:bulletblue: :iconemo-writer-7251: Emo-Writer-7251

Me and the Gang by Emo-Writer-7251 Dear YouDear You,
You know who you are. I'm writing this to tell you something important so read on.  I give up. The white flag is officially raised. I cant do this anymore. I cant lie to people saying that i don't love you anymore, because i do. Your probably thinking im desperate. Im am, but its because im lonesome. I cant take it watching my friends enjoy themselves with their loved ones and knowing that I don't have that anymore. What do you want me to say? Im weak? Fine. IM WEAK. I just want things to be the way they were before. I know its gonna take some getting used to but I swear on the lords words, our holy bible, that i will do everything in my power to try and make this work. I cant change the way i think because its just a part of me now, but i can change the way i act. Please take this very serious right now because i don't know wat to do anymore. I might get a response from this. I might not. Its just good that now you know.
My EyesI close my eyes, for fear of tomorrow.
I close my eyes, for reflection of yesterday.
If I open my eyes, will I understand today?


This section will be used to promote special events and such around dA that are close to my heart, as well as requested pimpage.

:bulletgreen: inknalcohol has started a new challenge to help get others comfortable with critiquing. It's called "Be A Critic" and there's a two week time frame for each challenge. Each challenge has two random winners. One receives a small points donation while the other will receive a critique on a piece of their choosing. It's a great endeavor and you should check it out...and participate! For more info, check out this page --->…

:bulletgreen: If you missed it, the winners of my Relativity Contest were announced last week.  You can see the winners and view all of the entries, with commentary, here --->…

:bulletgreen: Destinyfall has opened holiday commissions. Her prices are extremely reasonable and her art is amazing. So, if you're looking for an art gift for you or someone else, be sure to visit her page --->…

:bulletgreen: Are you an emoticonist? Do you like surprises? Sign-ups for the Emoticon Secret Santa have started. It's a great way to give and get a lovely gift for the holidays. Visit the group for more info and to sign-up. EmoteSecretSanta


A nod to the following people and resources which make this article possible:
:bulletblack: Logo graphic by admx
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:bulletblack: Custom journal coding and layout by Ravenswd

Disclaimer: These features are done in the spirit of promoting the art of fellow deviants. Due to time restraints and the volume of art I feature, I cannot specifically ask permission of each artist before featuring. If I have showcased you or one of your pieces and you would prefer I not, please note me and I will be happy to remove it.

This issue, the second part of my Poll feature. Interview with artist *AliciaBel Themed feature of "keys" and a special watchers feature. Plus, some interesting goings-on around dA in the spam section.
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