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Spotlight Features - Volume 9

Fri Sep 28, 2012, 5:30 PM

A series featuring art selected by me. There will be a wide range of themes and genres covered. In addition, there will be periodic interviews and artist spotlights.

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Poll Features

A few months ago, I posted a poll asking my watchers/visitors to show me 3 artists they felt could use more love.  They *were* allowed to pick themselves, too.  The response was so large that I have to break the feature into two parts, the first part being showcased last issue.  Here are the remaining artists.  To see the original poll, click here.

Suggested by: CalilTheGayPrince

:bulletblue: :iconfillingbuckets: fillingBUCKETS
bluh by fillingBUCKETS Davesprite by fillingBUCKETS

:bulletblue: :iconrurouni-galt: Rurouni-Galt
:thumb312527614: BlissIt's that feeling I get when I look in your eyes
That knowledge that I can tell you no lies
The reason I smile when I hear your name
The reason is what must be to blame
That sensation I get with my hands through your hair
That electrical spark flowing all through the air
The reason there's butterflies when we cuddle
The reason the way I express isn't subtle
That tingle I get with your hand in mine
That realization that I was given this sign
The reason my heart leaps when I see you
The reason that this is too good to be true
That way that I feel when I'm holding you near
That fact that this all has become very clear
The reason my legs grow weak when we kiss
This serene, pristine, and perpetual bliss

:bulletblue: :iconomenofthelightning: Omenofthelightning

Suggested by: HoneyShuckle

:bulletblue: :iconhoneyshuckle: HoneyShuckle
Loved and lost by HoneyShuckle Entry for Mortelle's contest by HoneyShuckle

:bulletblue: :iconobalisk: obalisk
the past. by obalisk madness arises. by obalisk

Suggested by: icefire8521

:bulletblue: :iconxxtoongirlfanxx: xxtoongirlfanxx
Krazy Mr. Kat by xxtoongirlfanxx Anybody Who Cares-Ch 1I have to do this. It won't be so hard to say goodbye. It's not like anyone cares.
This all started on Monday. After another day at school of Crocker failing me, Trixie rejecting me, and Francis beating me up, I went home only to find my parents getting ready for a special evening-without me. They left me with my evil babysitter, Vicky. As usual, she made me do all the chores while she just watches TV. After I finished my chores and most of my homework, I started playing on my V-cube. I barely started the first level of my game when Vicky called for me.
"TWERP!" she yelled from downstairs. I knew she was just going to torture me, and since I thought I had suffered enough already, I decided to ignore her. She's bound to get tired and give up eventually, I thought. Boy was I ever wrong. About 5 minutes later, Vicky came charging upstairs. She kicked my door open so hard, it broke off its hinges.
"When I call for you, you come right away! Got that?" she screamed.
That's when I snapped. "Y

:bulletblue: :iconjayfeather4life: Jayfeather4life
I got your back bro by Jayfeather4life Mountain Lion by Jayfeather4life

:bulletblue: :iconalex-alpacalypse: ALEX-ALPACALYPSE
:thumb322607297: :thumb322725263:

:bulletblue: :iconrenapop: Renapop

:bulletblue: :iconmiiroku: Miiroku
We Are Never Sad... by Miiroku Macaroni Brothers and a Potato Eater by Miiroku

:bulletblue: :iconyiptrip: yiptrip
:thumb325533250: :thumb313074975:

:bulletblue: :iconthat-crazycat: That-CrazyCat
Captain Keli by That-CrazyCat In Upendi by That-CrazyCat

:bulletblue: :iconstormfalconfire: StormFalconFire
Saber-toothed by StormFalconFire Blue Clear Sky by StormFalconFire

Suggested by: BeyondGalaxies

:bulletblue: :iconsushinator5: Sushinator5
Ferris Wheel Angle by Sushinator5 My Pet Hedgehog by Sushinator5

:bulletblue: :iconstar-chaser97: Star-chaser97
Love is....Love is when your heart flutters
That first time you see someone
and you feel you've know them forever
Love is bliss
that first kiss that blows you away
and leads to many more
Love is determination
The will to fight any battle
to be with the person you love
Love is forever
creating a life with another
letting your souls join together
Lilys by Star-chaser97

:bulletblue: :iconstriddums: Striddums
TD - Pff by Striddums TDF - Britney's Dress by Striddums

Suggested by: crosslove822

:bulletblue: :iconkimbeepancake: kimbeepancake

:bulletblue: :iconselenaede: SelenaEde
A Heartfelt Thanks by SelenaEde Truth In Your Eyes by SelenaEde

:bulletblue: :iconnayhed: Nayhed
Monster day challenge: Day 18 Alien by Nayhed BRAVE: Big Bear HUG by Nayhed

Suggested by: Yobuko

:bulletblue: :iconlisajong2: lisajong2
commission: starry sky by lisajong2 .:say cheese:. by lisajong2

:bulletblue: :icontheassasino: TheAssasino
Baseball Idiot. by TheAssasino ! by TheAssasino

Suggested by: ashesto

:bulletblue: :iconberylunee: Berylunee
Commission - In the fields by Berylunee The Angel Boy by Berylunee

:bulletblue: :iconkendra-paige: Kendra-Paige
Vintage Glamour by Kendra-Paige Flower Maiden by Kendra-Paige

Suggested by: HipsterHorsie

:bulletblue: :iconhipsterhorsie: HipsterHorsie

:bulletblue: :iconequestrian-equine: Equestrian-Equine
Chrome sketch by Equestrian-Equine Ice Make: Freezing Light -Lyon- by Equestrian-Equine

:bulletblue: :iconlifelessriot: LifelessRiot
What have I done? xD by LifelessRiot You lift me up by LifelessRiot

Suggested by: Fuzzy-Artemis

:bulletblue: :iconpikminpedia: pikminpedia
Me Myself and I by pikminpedia Glowy Mushrooms by pikminpedia

:bulletblue: :iconx-ancelin-x: X-Ancelin-X
Euko Head Ref by X-Ancelin-X :thumb320946253:

:bulletblue: :iconseeker-of-the-skies: seeker-of-the-skies
.: Gifty for Lunebuu :. by seeker-of-the-skies Dragoness Vraeiye by seeker-of-the-skies

Suggested by: MlleNightingale

:bulletblue: :iconrubysmiley: RubySmiley
Late Afternoon Stroll by RubySmiley This Winter by RubySmiley

:bulletblue: :iconscoot-aloot: scoot-aloot
Jill by scoot-aloot

:bulletblue: :iconcynthia0126: cynthia0126
Point Commission: Puella Magi by cynthia0126 Anohana by cynthia0126

Suggested by: Eitvys200

:bulletblue: :iconsazleigh: SazLeigh
A Key Word Creation by SazLeigh Yellow Flower by SazLeigh

:bulletblue: :iconstudioxil: Studioxil
Green Smoothie by Studioxil Tomato Soup by Studioxil

Suggested by: Bumble2011

:bulletblue: :iconbumble2011: Bumble2011
Yellow Rose by Bumble2011 Pylon 2 by Bumble2011

:bulletblue: :icondragongirl249: DragonGirl249
FA: Thorin :3 by DragonGirl249 Billie Joe Armstrong :3 by DragonGirl249

Suggested by: dhik-a

:bulletblue: :iconcciintra: cciintra
Korra by cciintra 12 by cciintra

Suggested by: NihonOtaku4eva

:bulletblue: :iconnihonotaku4eva: NihonOtaku4eva    
Chibi Maid Yoko Adoptable -Auction- by NihonOtaku4eva Uzumaki Haruhi by NihonOtaku4eva

:bulletblue: :icondfer32: DFer32
Sakura and Tomoyo by DFer32 Chinese girl by DFer32

:bulletblue: :iconmisslimetiger: MissLimeTiger

:bulletblue: :iconnataliadsw: Nataliadsw
Rabbit by Nataliadsw The Leader by Nataliadsw

Suggested by: Manda-of-the-6

:bulletblue: :iconpixiepoxphotography: PixiePoxPhotography
Keeper of the Forest by PixiePoxPhotography Sweet Dreams by PixiePoxPhotography

:bulletblue: :iconcelestialteez: CelestialTeez
Convenient Store Love by CelestialTeez Derp. by CelestialTeez

:bulletblue: :iconkomyfly: KomyFly
Captain Hector Barbossa by KomyFlyinc@ by KomyFly Die Memoiren von Hector Barbossa 4
Die Memoiren von Hector Barbossa
Kapitel 4
Die Geburt oder...Jööö,diselbe Nos wie de Klaas!
Wir schreiben das Jahr Anno Domini 1556,so in der Nacht den vierten Juno,nahe
der Antillischen Inseln.Eine rauhe See und stürmisch war die Überfahrt.
Eine angelsachsische Galeone ,mächtig zur der Zeit und üppig der Rumpf und dick
wie der Bauch eines faulen Rheingrafen.Der Name des Schiffes..Seemöwe.Nun ja,kein
doller Name,aber ein Schiff ist ein Schiff und es fuhr schon viele Jahre treu zur See hinaus
um Auswanderer von Franken und Teutonen,Sachsen und Hugenotten
in die neue Welt von Neu York ,Neu Amsterdam und Boston und anderen angehenden
Häfen zu bringen .Wenigstens tat sie es immer....Nun wird die Seemöwe vom Sturm geschüttelt und
gerüttelt.Ein wahrer tropischer Sturm ....und da kam ich nun ins Spiel.
Denn irgendwo in einer der vielen Nischen des bauchigen Schiffes,lag meine Frau
Mama in den Wehen und schrie ihren Schmerz wegen m

Suggested by: ChasingShadowsPhoto

:bulletblue: :iconchasingshadowsphoto: ChasingShadowsPhoto
Make Believe by ChasingShadowsPhoto Garden Path by ChasingShadowsPhoto

:bulletblue: :iconicy-snowflakes: Icy-Snowflakes
I Wish I Had the Chance to Know You... by Icy-Snowflakes

:bulletblue: :iconmileniakitsuvee: MileniaKitsuvee
Gift for You by MileniaKitsuvee V. Dragon sculpture by MileniaKitsuvee

Suggested by: LovelyMetalhead

:bulletblue: :iconheadphonesstudios: HeadphonesStudios
Illust: 'It Was a Happy Duel' by HeadphonesStudios Photo: AZ- Chosokabe Motochika by HeadphonesStudios

:bulletblue: :iconkirapop: kirapop
otp feels everywhere by kirapop Cap'n by kirapop

:bulletblue: :iconbirdewilliams: birdewilliams
show me your sexy by birdewilliams windows to... by birdewilliams

Suggested by: hydranoid2009

:bulletblue: :iconthatshrunkenguy: thatshrunkenguy
Reeni and Randy by thatshrunkenguy Gordon Freeman's thoughs on Black Mesa Source by thatshrunkenguy

:bulletblue: :iconipanick: ipanick
bless you!! by ipanick tha amazon warior by ipanick

Suggested by: kenlybop

:bulletblue: :iconkenlybop: kenlybop
Smurf You. by kenlybop Happy Meal by kenlybop

:bulletblue: :iconduryn: Duryn
Canine Duryn with background by Duryn Duryn portrait by Duryn

:bulletblue: :iconbabylon-destruction: Babylon-Destruction
Tamarea v7.0 by Babylon-Destruction Queen of the Wild by Babylon-Destruction

Suggested by: Yoshay

:bulletblue: :iconmalindachan: Malindachan
Father of the Bride by Malindachan Link and the Groosenator by Malindachan

:bulletblue: :iconmichiiejackson: MichiieJackson
Gia Carangi by MichiieJackson Ariel and Triton by MichiieJackson

:bulletblue: :iconumbralhorror: UmbralHorror

Suggested by: Cappippuni

:bulletblue: :iconatpalicis: atpalicis
:thumb317736515: :thumb296969751:

:bulletblue: :iconlulithebunny: LuliTheBunny
:thumb329447561: :thumb296699722:

:bulletblue: :iconpapercaptain: papercaptain
Hello Mister Wolf by papercaptain Michella by papercaptain

Suggested by: MayJasmine

:bulletblue: :iconlexiepotter: lexiepotter
My Heart Especially For You by lexiepotter .: Madison :. by lexiepotter

:bulletblue: :iconphillydelphy: phillydelphy
:thumb305435822: :thumb324590355:

:bulletblue: :iconaticum: Aticum
:thumb323603559: :thumb302898265:

Suggested by: Aamarka

:bulletblue: :iconmarklucey: MarkLucey
Light in the Channel by MarkLucey The Broadwalk by MarkLucey

:bulletblue: :iconandyhutchinson: andyhutchinson
Hidden Spaces by andyhutchinson Return to Blue Angel Creek by andyhutchinson

:bulletblue: :iconchrisgin: chrisgin
Lavender Dawn by chrisgin Auckland Fireworks by chrisgin

Suggested by: Amybunbun

:bulletblue: :iconcharlikrok: CharliKrok
:thumb280088956: :thumb314486346:

:bulletblue: :iconcinnamonbunzuh: CinnamonBunzuh
Highway to the Danger Zone by CinnamonBunzuh Not Like It's Brain Surgery or Anything by CinnamonBunzuh

:bulletblue: :iconvonkor: Vonkor
Fearmeter by Vonkor Tuyax by Vonkor

Spotlight Interview

In this series, I hope to introduce the community to some artists who have been around dA for a while, but are still relativity unknown. The interviews are meant to be short and sweet. I encourage you to check out the artist's full gallery and add them to your devWatch.

:iconcaptain-savvy: -- This issue, we talk to digital artist and author, Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your dA life?

Ahoy everyone! I’m Savannah Betten, known as Captain-Savvy here on dA. I’m a country girl who loves pirates, fantasy, animals and adventure.  I joined the site in 2006 and I’ve made many good friends through it. I also met my husband, Nautical-Nieky through dA when he filled out the pirate meme I created. Most of my art is fantasy or pirate related, and though I wasn‘t very active for a while due to wedding and newlywedness, I am back and loving it.  

Pirate Meme Blank by Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: What would you say your main artform is? Secondary?

My main art form is digital. I use Photoshop Elements and usually draw or paint things from scratch with my old faithful tablet. My style is something all my own. I’m working on getting to a more realistic style, but for now I’m happy with what I can do.

My secondary art form would have to be literature. I love to write. My gallery is full of short stories, chapters from novels (this will be my 5th year participating in NaNoWriMo!) and ongoing series bits and pieces.

If I may, I also am very interested in face painting and body art. Unfortunately, most of my work in that department is done at local fairs and events and goes walking off before I have a chance to take any pictures. I do hope to share more of this in my gallery soon. :)

:bulletwhite: When did you start pursuing your art? What prompted you to?

Oh, I’ve been drawing since before I learned how to write. Even when I was in elementary school I would tell others I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

In high school I began to focus more seriously on my art, when I was exposed to a teacher who encouraged me to do so. I had planned to go for an art degree after graduating but it just didn’t work out that way. Still, joining dA and getting involved in an art community has kept me from giving up, and I still hope to pursue a career in art one day.

:bulletwhite: What is your favorite piece in your gallery at the moment?

Hmmm that’s a tough one. My favorite at the moment is probably “Evening Camp”. It’s a newer piece and the first thing I’ve really put a lot of effort into in a long time. For a while the most I’d managed is quick, messy sketches. I finally got inspired and found the time to create this. It’s not the most detailed thing in my gallery, but hey, favorites change.

Evening Camp by Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: In general, what is your favorite thing to create (i.e. fan-art, poetry, etc) ?

My favorite thing to create is art using my Original Characters and those of my friends. I love drawing things that evoke the imagination. Fantasy, danger, romance, adventure… I like to use art to escape the ordinary and mundane. I love shadowy, dangerous caves or epic battles on mountain tops- or even just silly little cute sketches. When writing I thrive on adventure. It’s always been fun for me to put characters in different, outrageous situations and try to imagine how they would react.

:bulletwhite: Just for fun question: Of all of your OCs, who is the closest to your heart and why?

I think any of my dA friends would be able to answer this one. Captain Sybil Marisalli is my favorite of my own OCs. As for why, I’m not even sure where to start. I think she was born as a sort of extension of myself, or a character who could be who I wished I could be. I’m a timid, shy person, but Sybil is bold, adventurous, wild and free. She’s a pirate captain and has had numerous adventures (many of them with the OCs of my friends). Shortly after she got a name and a design she just took on a life of her own. I wrote a novel about her two years ago for NaNoWriMo and she‘s the subject of several short stories and drawings. In a way I think she’s my muse.

Captain Sybil Portrait by Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: Time to spread the love. Who are 3 artists you feel could use more love?

:icondragondoodle: :iconkyavalentine: :iconwinterelf86:

Rota and Sefa by dragondoodle Soothsayer Rika by KyaValentine :thumb325974801:

:bulletwhite: Any last words?

Thanks so much for the feature!

:bulletwhite: Some of my picks from Captain-Savvy's gallery:

Midnight Visitor- giftIt was a calm night at sea for the notorious pirate ship, The Mystic's Dream. In fact, it was too calm. There was no wind, save for the faintest breeze, and the waters were utterly still. Overhead the night sky was ablaze with a thousand stars, but their twinkling faces could see no reflection in the deep blue below- a fog curled over the waters, creeping about the ship's hull like ghostly arms. The ship, normally quick and mighty, floated aimlessly in the mist.
All were asleep onboard, save the night watchman who stood up in the crow's nest keeping a sharp eye out for trouble. Of course, the only trouble he could see was fairly obvious- doldrums. They had been at sea for many long weeks now, and every man (and woman) began to weary of the doldrums. They had hardly moved at all over the last two days, and the voyage was becoming altogether tiring. When, the men wondered, would they reach their destination? Had their ship been cursed to be stuck at sea with no wind forever? What was the
Enya by Captain-Savvy Attacking the Cake by Captain-Savvy

Special Feature

As many of you know, in late August, Ravenswd and I welcomed a new baby boy to our family.  You can read a bit more about it on my profile page.  With that in mind, I thought a baby-themed feature would be appropriate.  A thank you to Endorell-Taelos for help in selecting these deviations

baby---- by myeyesareonfire Baby-5 by pixelzeesh Sweet baby by aneczka14 Baby Toothless by Zilleniose Baby Eyes by Lady-Tori Baby Rainbow by sebreg Baby Ashlyn by starlight13 baby bubbles by Lady-Twiglet Baby Katamari Prince by Oborochann Baby girl by Gymnast4life Baby by uncommonman Baby Blues by LadyEruname :thumb164444540: Baby face by Liquidflight Baby Batman by AgnesGarbowska 216 Altairs Baby  O3o by BlastedKing Baby Fat by emilymartian Baby by Juann3man Baby Mario by zeldacw baby feet... by MaraJade1


This section will be used to promote special events and such around dA that are close to my heart, as well as requested pimpage.

:bulletgreen: Synfull and BlissfullySarcastic are holding an emoticonist (and emoticon-lover) chat event at WeEmote on Saturday, September 29th.  For more details, times, and information, check out this journal --->….


A nod to the following people and resources which make this article possible:
:bulletblack: Logo graphic by admx
:bulletblack: Feature selection: Endorell-Taelos
:bulletblack: Section bullets courtesy of Fatcow Hosting
:bulletblack: CSS Skin by Drake1
:bulletblack: Custom journal coding and layout by Ravenswd

After a 2-month hiatus, Spotlight Features is back! Showcasing the second-half of the "they need more love" poll artists, interview with *Captain-Savvy, and a special baby feature.
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