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November 18, 2012


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Thanks, Sickies + Blitz

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 18, 2012, 1:57 PM


:nuu: Sorry about the emoticon spam, but I was on a blitz finishing up all the emotes for NaNoEmo.  I would have uploaded them last night, but I feel asleep.  Anyhow, so happy I made it again this year!

More blitzes are coming.  As you can see, Krissi001 and I ended up making a huge number of pixelled gifts for the Emoticon Advent Calendar.  That including (on my end) making tons of tiny pixel patterns, which I hope to release in a pack in the next few days.  I also have a few stamps and other things I'm hoping to do, so look for those soon.

And COMMENTS!  I need to reply to the 400 in my in-box (I'm SOO behind). Anyhow, be warned there is a blitz of those coming soon, in the next day or so.

So much going on!  A new journal coming soon, too.  Stay tuned...

Quick Update

:sick: Well, Thanksgiving was nice, but day after, the sickies hit my house and have been whipping back and forth between us ever since.  I've managed to get some things done, but not what I need.  Plus work is whacking me, so I've been getting home late every night.

:saddummy: I still plan on catching up with NaNoEmo before the end of the month and getting a bunch of other things done.  I plan to get the next Spotligh Feature done in the next few days, plus planning to publish a new "Literary Compass."  Lots of things--it's just been craziness all over!  

Until then...


What's New

Again, a thanks to everyone for your sweet, uplifting words last week.  I'm still a bit blue, but feeling somewhat better. It's just hard playing the juggle of life, money, and time! I'm hopeful things will settle and I am looking forward to the holidays--even though they will be tighter than ever.

I am super happy that I managed to get a couple of big things off my art plate, and that really helps.  I still have quite a list, but the rest should be easier. I have been very much enjoying doing the emotes for NaNoEmo and hope the momentum continues past November. I'm too strapped for time now, but I would love to do some more complex emotes in the upcoming weeks.

I've been pimping out my new series, Literary Compass.  However, aside from the article itself, I would also like to give a huge shout-out and thank-you to the amazing GillianIvy.  She designed the journal skin for the article on commission. The work she did was amazing, and the article wouldn't be half as stunning without her work. Seriously, if you are looking for a quality css skin at an affordable price, keep her in mind.

Well, I can't think of anything else to write, so I think that's my cue.  See you next time!

Art by Me...

Aside from NaNoEmo, I've been doing some work on my other account. This includes writing music with Ravenswd! Here's some of the other stuff I've been up to...

Yellow Dog Stamp by mirz-alt Dont Ask Stamp by mirz-alt
Naruto Sannin Pixel - Contest Prize by mirz-alt Relativity Extended Theme - Link Inside by mirz-alt

Art for Me. :heart:

Sketch Commission: No One Girl by ColorMyMemory Sketch Commission: Bold Bullet by ColorMyMemory

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DulcetFancy Dec 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Never apologize for emoticon spam Mirz! You know that I never get tired of seeing your beautiful little pieces of art. I want more spam darn it! :poke:
I love seeing all the things you make. :la: :huggle:
DulcetFancy Dec 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Eitvys200 Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're always behind on your messages. :nuu:
That's because I get between 50-100 a day. :faint:
I hope you get well soon! :hug:
Please be better soon! :hug:
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